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  1. Catwoman

    I have the horn for...

    Jason Moama - Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones. And new Conan. Phwoar!
  2. Catwoman

  3. Catwoman

    Getting sick in work

    I used to work in an old people's home. The worst possible place to have a hangover. I never puked on anyone though.
  4. Catwoman

    The Trip

    I'm getting a bit bored with it now. It's just impressions and Steve's mid-life crisis. Rob Brydon's Anthony Hopkins is hilarious though. "NOSAH!"
  5. Catwoman

    Boardwalk Empire

    I'm loving it! It's taken a while to get going but I think it's excellent. I'm less skeptical about Stephen Graham now. And Omar's in it torturing KKK fellas! Don't like yer wan's Irish accent though, it's quite annoying. Actually her character's pretty annoying.
  6. Catwoman

    Mad Men Season 4

    I'm with you on this. I think the engagement to whatserface made perfect sense. The way he was surprised that she didn't go batshit when Sally knocked over the milkshake. She's better with the kids than Dr Miller and Don's looking for a stable home life after the divorce and Sally-problems.
  7. Catwoman

    Mad Men Season 4

    Hahaha, no me neither. Oh and "chocolate bunny" - *cringe*!
  8. Catwoman

    Mad Men Season 4

    I thought it was deadly. The last few episodes have been really good. "Are you more distraught that I found someone I love, or that she's a Negro?" I LOL'd. Poor Lane! He needs to grow a pair.
  9. Catwoman

    Mad Men Season 4

    She was an astronaut.
  10. Catwoman

    Mad Men Season 4

    Sal's coming back, apparently.
  11. Catwoman

    Mad Men Season 4

    "You don't do that in private". Brilliant episode, best yet this season.
  12. Catwoman

    Mad Men Season 4

    Yes, that bit was pretty funny. Just didn't buy the idea of him and Don out together with prostitues.
  13. Catwoman

    Mad Men Season 4

    I hadn't thought about that. Couldn't she just have said she had the shits, or 'women's problems'? I bet nobody questioned that excuse back in the day. If Don does indeed give a shit about Anna, then he would think twice about shagging her young niece, surely? I'm like Lane when I'm hungover.
  14. Catwoman

    A$ton Villa

    Fucking miserable. It's like Doug Ellis never left.
  15. Catwoman

    Mad Men Season 4

    Episode 3 - possibly the worst one yet? Another one that felt self conscious and forced. Don coming on to his ex-wife's niece. Don and Lane on the piss. Joanie freaking out about a finger cut. No, no, no.
  16. Catwoman

    Spartacus: Blood and what have you.

    If you don't have particularly high expectations you will enjoy it a lot.
  17. Catwoman

    Mad Men Season 4
  18. Catwoman

    Mad Men Season 4

    I liked the conga. Will Don shag the brunette pixie nurse?
  19. Catwoman

    The Grandmother Thread

    Just you and me then...
  20. Catwoman

    The Grandmother Thread

    Oh no! I wouldn't have backed down though.