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    Valve Amp Bias

    Anyone ever set the bias for the power amp section of a valve amp? Tricky?
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    Pavement tickets wanted

    Ridiculous I know but if anyone hears of a couple of tickets going for Pavement can they let me know?
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    Stuck a few of the remixes/remakes we've done over the last while in the player: - Sunken Foal, Cloaks, Patrick Kelleher.
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    new SWANS

    Just one track but looks like Gira's promise of a new Swans album are coming true:
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    Legion Of Two - today @ Twisted Pepper - FREE GIG

    We're on around 5pm. Second Square To None present: Legion Of Two Cignol Fran Hartnett Ilex Thatboytim Swarm Intelligence To celebrate one year of SSTN and to capitalise on the general festive cheer / gloom we've got a special line up booked for Sunday 20th December in Twisted Pepper. It's...
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    I'm A Celebrity - Kim Woodburn

    Jesus, didn't know anything about her: Darkness! What a fucked up life.
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    Halloween III: Season Of The Witch

    On now BBC2. F**king love this film. Massively underrated with another brilliant Carpenter score. Reckon if this hadn't been associated with the Halloween franchise it'd have been much more popular. Killer robots, killer masks, killer lazers, killer toymakers, killer bits of stonehenge - it's...
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    Decal Artifacts

    Some old lost Decal stuff I found on a hard drive tonight: I vaguely remember doing these as a mess when I moved into D1's old place on Moore St.
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    HD Video Cameras

    My Dad is looking to buy a decent one. Anyone here got the nerd-how to offer some advice?
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    Jesus Lizard Remasters

    Hole crap! Pure/Head sound amazing but Goat!!!!! - jesus almost technicolour compared to my original vinyl. The clarity is nuts. So glad I picked these up.
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    Grind Madness Holy shit - this is gonna be amazing. Grind Madness 118-Track, 3-CD Set Coming October 12th, 2009 If any location can claim to be the birthplace of grindcore, the Maida Vale studio complex at the BBC in London surely can. During an explosive three-year...
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    Vinnie Cake

    Anyone got a phone number for Vinnie? Please PM
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    We Love Making Hay

    First Decal gig in a long time this Saturday @ We Love Making Hay. Decal + Americhord = Dechord. Bit of a techno mash up - as unfashionable as that is these days :)
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    16 Channel Mixer?

    (this is aimed mostly at people I know but if you don't know me and can help please get in touch :) Has anyone got a compact 16 channel mixer I could borrow for 1 day?
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    The Edsel Auctioneer

    It's a long shot I know but has anyone got Voice of the Harolds on CD?
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    Ancient Methods mix Brilliant techno mix.
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    Note to self Some of this is really incredible, some really heartbreaking.
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    The Policeman
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    Name the band.

    Top right. Anyone know?
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    Autotune the news

    Deadly :)