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  1. RSJ

    Gig photos.

    Best of this year's fest batch. More here.
  2. RSJ

    Gamertags / Wii friend codes

    thumbfighter (on the xbox like)
  3. RSJ

    XBox 360

    I heard assassins creed 2 is good actually, i'd sold my old one before the first one came out, always liked the trailer. Is there still much rainbow six vegas gameplay online? What was the sequel like? All the games websites are blocked at work. Driving me nuts.
  4. RSJ

    XBox 360

    I just bought an xbox today, first time i've had one (or any console for that matter) since mid 2007. What games have i missed? I gather GOW 2 and Left For Dead are worth buying? Anything else?
  5. RSJ

    Gared O Donnell (Planesmistakenforstars/hawks & Doves) looking for dublin gig

    Anyone at all? I thought there was a few planes fans on here?
  6. RSJ

    Comprehensive List Of Shit That's Fucked Up After The Upgrade

    I don't know what is, but trying to browse the forum without logging in leaves me waiting on it for about 15-20 seconds per page. Every page. Is it some sort of sneaky trick to force me to log in?
  7. RSJ

    Gared O Donnell (Planesmistakenforstars/hawks & Doves) looking for dublin gig

    Just himself and an acoustic guitar, looking for something august 15th or 16th, pm me if you have anything.
  8. RSJ

    Jim Corr - Mental?

    Thread of 2010 and possibly 2011.
  9. RSJ

    Random Photos

    That pinprick left eye is amazing.
  10. RSJ

    Why is Thumped so unstable?

    While clicking a username from the new posts list thing in firefox 3.6.4
  11. RSJ

    Gig photos.

    You've done very well with the flash, very well balanced.
  12. RSJ

    Gluten Free Tips

    I'm curious about this - in what way do you feel better? I went on a gluten/dairy free diet for a while a few years ago and i remember that i felt great, but not how, if that makes any sense. Lately feeling very stodgy, and often feeling sick after dinner for some reason.
  13. RSJ

    Selling Some Records

    Heaven sent.
  14. RSJ


    Are you suggesting he died due to shoddy workmanship on the big man's part?
  15. RSJ

    Young women

    I've always been a strong advocate of the half-plus-seven rule.
  16. RSJ

    Earth Crisis - Do you want to see them here?

    Get the kid with the sideburns.
  17. RSJ

    Moving to London

    This may have already been asked but, am i eligable for an nhs card / cheap dentist visits? My teeth are falling out and i have no idea where to start. I've lived in the UK full time since Jan.
  18. RSJ

    The Gay Byrne Experiment

    The dancing at the start of in bloom is something special.
  19. RSJ

    Random Photos

    Great stuff.
  20. RSJ

    anyone want to buy a secondhand fisheye lens?

    I'd have thought for thirty four grand they'd throw in a sample photo or two.