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    educational video... "boys beware!" watch out kids! these people are ill. but not an illness like smallpox...
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    anyone going over? anyone got any tips / bands i should see? anyone want any duty free?
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    Jaysus. Deadly film. Good man Mel. Kinda excessively gorey in parts, but i don't really mind. The cast are great, especially Ronaldiniho, and some of the scenes are class - especially the Inca style city. bit too much slow motion bits in parts, but overall best film i've seen in a while to be...
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    dial up INCREDIBLY slow

    my computer connects to Eircom60 at 9.6kbps. or 11.0kbps or something equally stupid. then if i disconnect shitloads of times i might get one in the twenties every 10 ten times.... what could be up? up until about a month ago it was grand, 50.7kbps everytime... any ideas?
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    can anyone....

    can someone lend me a glockenspeil for a day or two? or a little xylophone? i have to make tinkily noises... thanks! kieran
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    [unofficial] Thumped christmas Party - Dublin edition 22/12 Doyles, Fleet Street

    Where to this year? i say: Upstairs in Bowes. on the 21st. i wonder will there be jaffa cakes and name tags... whatya think pete? christmas meet up?
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    guitar intonation in dublin...

    does anyone know anyone good for the aul setup - intonation buzz?
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    revenue thing... have a look..

    Its worth a five minute phone call... "In light of recent news reports and subsequent adverts on bus stops/trains/billboards, it appears the Revenue Commis owe us a lot of money. If you need a more precise figure, try EUR1.2 billion, over the past five years. In order to see if you are...
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    pedal repair

    is there anywhere anyone could recommend for pedal repair? i've had enough of places that take them in "fix them" and then they break again. any recommendations?
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    deadly DEADLY eggs..

    Open the bloody thread! Its about eggs. eggs, i say. egg related. eggy. does anyone have any super cool egg reciepes? for example: scramblers a la tasty. boiled with soliders a la tasty tasty eggs fried tastily my egg reciepe: put two eggs in bowl with small lump of butter and quarter glass...
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    Fender Deluxe Amp For Sale

    For Sale: Fender Deluxe 90. Perfect Condition, less than a year old, (11 months!) no problems. Lovely two channel jobbies, Reverb and stuff. its a cool amp, and i'm selling it cos i'm buying a HotRod Deville. :cool: bought for €550 last year, for sale at €450 ono.... K
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    well, i wouldn't normally do this but...

    uh.... *cough* Tom Dunne has a competition on Pet sounds tonight for the chance to play in Marley Park with Sonic Youth. Sonic fucking Youth. So anyways, between 7.30 - 8.30 tonight he's gonna play us, and if we get more texts than the other band we're up against, we could play with the...
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    Delorentos, Saturday 25th June, Crawdaddy @ the Pod!

    heyho, incase anyone's interested... Next Saturday, 25th June, Delorentos play Crawdaddy @ the Pod. Supported on the night by our friends The Flaws and Fast Emperors, its 7 euro in, and should be a great night. Doors are at 8pm, and you'll get a free badge too... Hope you can make it down...
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    i'm talking...

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    fneerrr please ignore/delete/destroy
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    anyone gonna be in london on wednesday night?

    Cos we're playing with Chikinki in the University of London Union, and we could stick you on the guesty if you wanted to go to a gig.... anyway, if anyone's around or interested. Wednesday 11th May, University of London Union, Marlet St, London Doors 8pm, £10 entry Chikinki Delorentos...
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    Represent Thumped!

    with your feet, that is....
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    Amstel 5-a-side

    sooo who's up for entering the Amstel-5-a-side? a thumped full team of seven. well? the heats start the weekend after next... could be a good laugh?
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    the snake...
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    Our irish brother rejected... this is disgraceful. how can UEFA sit back and let this scandal go on? why can't a green hearted paddy play for his country? bureaucracy: gone mad.