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  1. mark

    For Sale Line 6 DL4

    Adverts listing: Line 6 Dl4 For Sale in Drimnagh, Dublin from tbm Perfect working order. Deals for pricks.
  2. mark

    thinking of getting a Hot Rod Deluxe

    Need more deets Gaz, what happened the first Strat?
  3. mark

    Cheap but decent distortion

    Danelectro Cool Cat drive might be worth a look. Its based on a Fulltone OCD. Thick and warm sounding. Cheap too. Danelectro Cool Cat CO2 V2 Drive Pedal at i had one, and @dudley still does. Great yoke.
  4. mark

    thinking of getting a Hot Rod Deluxe

    Great amp. Very gigable. You'll still get asked to turn down. Love mine, I;ve own a Blues junior too. The pro is lighter, better sounding, and louder!
  5. mark

    For Sale Vox AC4

    Need an even smaller amp for home, so I'm moving this one on. Details here: Vox Ac4 With Vvr Mod For Sale in Drimnagh, Dublin from tbm Deals for pricks, obviously.
  6. mark

    Helmet. Whelans June 10 2017

    Still be a decent gig I reckon. I'm leaning towards going.If they did Betty I'd be stoked.
  7. mark

    Quotes from your child

    7 yo, while Morning Ireland was talking about 'covfefe': "Can I follow Trump on Twitter?"
  8. mark

    Helmet. Whelans June 10 2017

    On the tour dates in Oz/NZ they've been playing Betty in its entirety. I'd go see that.
  9. mark

    Compressor pedals

    I'm a fan of compression on guitar and bass. Have been for years. I've used a number of compressors down the years: Demeter Compulator EHX BlackFinger Boss CS3 MXR Super Comp MXR Dyna Comp Pigtronix Philosophers Tone Bearfoot Pale Green Compressor Rothwell Love Squeeze It kinda depends what...
  10. mark

    RIP Jim Daniels

    Jaysus. Poor fella.
  11. mark

    Your work situation

    I got made redundant last May. The old company got rid of my entire dept. It was pretty brutal. That being said, I was thinking of changing anyway, and I got an ok payout. I had atrophied and was looking into project management because I'm good with people, technically fairly knowledgeable and...
  12. mark

    Jaysus cycling!

    Oh! I got a new bike this week too! My old bike was bought in a pinch years ago. it's seriously heavy and had way to much stuff - integrated dynamo, 28 million gears, air cushioned front forks - but it was all they had in terms of large hybrids, I needed a bike asap, and that was the only shop...
  13. mark

    Question about the AC/DC night in the funnel years ago.

    I'm in. In some shape or form.
  14. mark

    Bedroom Amp

    Hey @chris d , did you get it? Another vote for the AC4TV from me. Love mine. Done loads of recording with it, and I've gigged with it too. I'd go for the 10" one if you can.
  15. mark

    new SWANS

    Boo to this! Thor rules...
  16. mark

    Your work situation

    After 10 years of having bosses who pretty much left me to it I currently have a boss who's on my back loads. It's not fun.
  17. mark

    Guitar size (steady on)

    The difference is that the Casino is completely hollow, no center block. so its really light. More feedback prone too, but its nice feedback IMO.
  18. mark

    Guitar size (steady on)

    Yup, Fender actually took a hint from home guitar builders and started making an official version of this. For ages if you saw one it had been built from parts. Fender call it the 'Offset telecaster, and I think it looks class.
  19. mark

    Guitar size (steady on)

    @Anthony Jazzmaster bodies suit tall fellas alright. I think you'd like a 335 type. My Casino is a super light, but well balanced and feels substantial. You want a lender for a while? See if you like it?