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  1. cesspooldublin

    Sea of Shit 7"

    6 tracks of some of the strongest powerviolence currently in existence. listen here: individual copies: copies going to Parade of Spectres, De Graanrepubliek, 16oh and a couple others this week. get in touch for...
  2. cesspooldublin

    Irish mixtape Just posting this here -I was asked to put this together for Cvlt Nation webzine - it's a mix of songs new and old by assorted Irish crust/hc/grind/metal bands spanning everything from Easpa Measa to...
  3. cesspooldublin

    Today is the Day/Retox/Drainland - Whelans April 9th

    I can't access the gig announcements forum, so spam it is. DME Presents TODAY IS THE DAY Plus Guests RETOX (members of The Locust/Swing Kids) DRAINLAND Whelans, Wexford St...
  4. cesspooldublin

    Today is the Day/Retox/Drainland - Whelans April 9th

    DME Presents TODAY IS THE DAY Plus Guests RETOX (members of The Locust/Swing Kids) DRAINLAND Whelans, Wexford St. Saturday 9th April 2011 Doors 7pm €21 inc bkg fee via...
  5. cesspooldublin

    DIET PILLS Irish gigs

    Just a heads up at this point, putting the dates out to avoid clashes (though who are we kidding, there'll probably be clashes anyway) my mates DIET PILLS from the Uk are looking to come over for three dates on May 26-28th. Loud,dischordant ugly sludgey noise rock that's along the lines of bands...
  6. cesspooldublin

    Suburban Mayhem podcast

    Had a crack at making a podcast today.Local and non local tunes, and me babbling unintelligibly about them (in mercifully brief segments).It's a lofi affair but sure I had no idea what I was doing. tracks...
  7. cesspooldublin

    THE BLIND / HEARTLESS split 7" preorder

    up here listen here
  8. cesspooldublin

    Entire hc/punk/grind collection for sale

    No, this isn't a joke. I'm under some pretty severe financial strain personally as a result of running Suburban Mayhem at the moment, so basically I'm hoping this might help me raise some funds. I have too much stuff to even consider listing it here, so I guess the easiest way to do this is to...
  9. cesspooldublin

    UNKIND sign to Relapse definitely one for the "I didn't see that coming" department. Bizarre.
  10. cesspooldublin

    Sub Hem distro update

    orders/questions to [email protected] new/restocked distro stuff: Tapes €3 Drainland - "Recurring Symptoms" discography The lp, split 10", demo all one one tape, these are left over from the recent Dutch trip, but with slightly revised covers to the batch we brought away. Fancy...
  11. cesspooldublin

    Drainland downloads

    we're sold out of our copies of the lp, so that, the 10" and demo are up for free download here
  12. cesspooldublin

    Total War stupidly fast old Boston inspired sloppiness.
  13. cesspooldublin

    Drainland "And So Our Troubles Began" 12"

    I should have posted this a week or so ago - I know some of the main forum types like heavier stuff , so just to make you aware the Drainland "And So Our Troubles Began" 12" is in Road records and Sentinel now. I guess if the likes of Godflesh, Today is The Day, and old Napalm Death or Swans are...
  14. cesspooldublin

    Sub Hem Sale

    distro stock reduced until midnight tonight (Monday) - paypal only. don't pm me, I never check this board - mail [email protected] with what you want. 7" €2 Crowd Control/Mob Rules - 5 copies left Brody's Militia/Black Market Fetus Cold Ones -2nd 7" The Hunger Masakari No Man's...
  15. cesspooldublin

    cavemouth these are some short bits of music I recorded in my living room when I couldn't sleep.basically just me, a guitar, and some crappy recording software. I'm recording a split cdr with Cloudeater at the moment, and have a few other bits and pieces coming out soon too.
  16. cesspooldublin

    DRAINLAND/GRINDING HALT 10" out now our copies are on the way, and it'll be up in the SubHem webstore this weekend, but if anyone can't wait that long you can pre-order one now by paypalling €7 (plus postage if you're outside Dublin) to [email protected] first 5...
  17. cesspooldublin

    Drainland (10" release) 29th April Thomas House

    full details tbc - this is the release gig for out split 10" with GRINDING HALT DRAINLAND WEIL RATS THIS TONGUE IS POISON 1 more tbc Thomas House Thursday 29th April
  18. cesspooldublin


    we have a 6 song 12" coming out in May called "And So Our Troubles Began". a rough mix of the song "Jellyfish" from it is here:
  19. cesspooldublin


    Just got mail to say this is back from the plant and on the way to all involved- will be availble from the bands, Suburban Mayhem and Distro-y within the next two weeks.
  20. cesspooldublin

    27th March - Trouble Every Day plus 3, Dublin

    venue and line up tbc very soon, just posting date to prevent clashes. Trouble Every Day are ahardcore punk band from France + LOOSE NUT + Evidence of Decay (Galway hc - folks from Bacchus and OFAC) + 1 more