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    What's the carbon footprints of smoking cigarettes?

    That's a stupid thread title. Still, I reckon it'd have a big effect. Does anyone know?
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    Essential Brussels

    Right, I've got 36 hours in Brussels. I'm a bum who doesn't like spending money, but I will drink beer and eat chocolate. I like museums and shit. The historical kind preferrably, but that doesn't really matter. What should be squeezed into the essential Bruxelles experience? Also, I need a...
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    Who wants it?

    C'mon, you pricks
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    Anyone ever been here? What's it like? There's not a lot of tourist information around that I could find. It has wild bears. We want to see the bears.
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    Losing one's camera....

    Yeah so, I left my camera behind me in the IFI yesterday….they say there’s no sign of it now. What should I do? Tell the guards? Check the buy and sell? Is there a code on the camera or something that can be used to identify it? I’m assuming my odds of recovery are pretty much nil.
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    Hiding your landline number, is it possible?

    With BT in the UK you can dial 141 to hide your number from the person you're calling. Is there an Eircom equivalent? Thanks.
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    Suspect Device found in Fairview

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    Do you use your local library?

    Y'know, the library is free. It rents DVD's, CD's and books for free. You can use your library card at any library in your area (as in, I can get stuff from any library within the South Dublin City Council area). Even their late fees are cheaper than the video shop. And it's a place to go when...
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    Sunday touristy stuff on the Northside?

    Yo, Sunday, I intend to go to the Blessington basin to take a look at it. While in that neck of the woods, what is else is worth looking at of a Sunday afternoon? The Northside isn’t all syringes and tracksuits and the bleedin’ fordins is it? Is it? Enrich me with your knowledge of...
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    Any redeeming factors?
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    My Microphone is a Fiend - help

    My microphone won't work. It won't work with Skype or with the windows recorder or anything. IT flatmate reckons its just that my settings are wrong somewhere, but where? My PC has 3 different mic jacks, I'm not sure why. Which is the right one? Sound card is a Sound Blaster Audigy 5.1 The...
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    Replacing the filter Thing in an Extractor Fan

    So how the hell do I do this? Like, I need one of them glass wool type square yokes that go into the extractor above the hob there. Currently the extractor extracts nothing. Do they sell this stuff in shops? DUNNO!!!
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    Nifty extensions add-ons and stuff PicLens I put this on me computer yesterday, the blurb says: "Piclens instantly transforms your browser into an full-screen slideshow experience. With just one click, PicLens makes photos and images come to life via an immersive presentation...
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    Happy workday to me.

    I’ve been working in this office for one year today. Precisely 12 months, one hour and 9 minutes. What should I do? Party? Cry? Post on Thumped? What would you do if you were me?
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    Old College books, what to do?

    Yo, I have millions of books from college that I've kept for some sort of nostalgic reason. But really they're useless to me and I hate them. Many are out of date now. Is there a place I can take some of them where they'll be put to good use? Or should I just feck em all in the bin?
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    Good place for Sandisk + camera bag in Town?

    Yo, I need a memory card and a bag. Where’s good (cheap) in Dublin for these itemz? (Mainly the card, I assume I could get a bag from Oxfam or somewhere). This yoke looks pretty cool: KTHXBAI.
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    I'm not going to go to sleep tonight, unless...

    Help me Thumped. I'm not the least bit tired. In fact I'm the most awake I've been all day. But I need to sleep. Soon. Before midnight if I'm to have any hope of not being late for work (again). What should I do???
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    35mm prime or 50mm prime for a 400d?

    Yo, bear with me… DSLR’s produce “a "focal length multiplier," typically 1.5x or 1.6x.” Thus, a 35mm prime on an EOS 400D would give the closest equivalent to "normal" perspective. So, if I wanna take photo's of things as they look to my eye, would I be better off getting this 35mm...
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    Free Photoshoppy type software?

    A lad in work wants to do a little of what he calls photoshopping. I think he just needs to superimpose someones head onto someone elses body or something along those lines. It's for christmas cards or somesuch. Recommend me something that will do this simple task in a simple way please Thanks...
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    People who hate poo for no appartent reason

    Theres this crap in my course who just seems to hate my poo. He's all lovely and nice to everyone else's poo, and actually goes out of his way to avoid wee. Im always nice to him asking what poo he did at the weekend or how hes poo is getting on, but he always looks at me like ive insulted him...