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  1. Benny Cake

    Planxty - Planxty (1973)

    C&W = Ireland’s schlager
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    What's your drink?

  3. Benny Cake

    Minor complaints thread

    10 years in the slammer
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    The 'Bands I don't Get' thread

  5. Benny Cake

    Country music

    Yes you are misrepresenting me somewhat @snakybus, but I appreciate very much that you are at least willing to engage on what I am trying to understand! I have never proposed that country music should be boycotted en masse. I know there's an alternative scene and I am sure there are outliers...
  6. Benny Cake

    Country music

    They know full well what the flag is and it stands for.
  7. Benny Cake

    Country music

    PS - and I wouldn’t defend Dimebag Darrell either, or assume that he or any of Pantera are bleeding heart liberals. You may have noticed some of the singer’s utterances recently?
  8. Benny Cake

    Country music

    I have not convinced myself of anything Johnny, simply that I perceive that it is a genre born out of a culture that was built on slavery and racial segregation, and that there are still artists who very purposely signal their support for that.
  9. Benny Cake

    Country music

    That’s the Southern Confederate flag. This is precisely the kind of shit that I don’t understand. You’re posting about folk music as the voice of injustice elsewhere and then you turn a blind eye to this kind of thing?
  10. Benny Cake

    You know you're getting old....

    An Italian guy BACK IN THE DAY was trying to tell me that his favourite punk band were Battered Legion. He couldn’t understand how I had never heard of them, until I eventually realized he was saying Bad Religion. Still think Battered Legion would be a good Viking metal band name.
  11. Benny Cake

    Thread for upcoming reissues of interest

    It’s all just taste, but I do think it’s a brilliant album. However I also got the LP reissue a few years back that also includes the Baby 12”, which is just as good, so the timing of this reissue is odd.
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    Vinyl Download Codes RIP

    Four vinyls
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    Recommend me some Jazz

    Really enjoying the new Elephant9 album
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    Recently Purchased

    Elephant9 - Arrival of the New Elders LP (brilliant) Sunburned Hand of the Man - Pick a Day to Die LP (brilliant) Primitons - S/T mini LP (mid-eighties jangle pop from Alabama, pretty brilliant) Stranglers - IV LP (US comp of Raven and Men In Black songs plus unreleased. Obviously brilliant)...
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    Songs that you forgot you loved...

    what a band! Forgot this classic.
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    Sopranos final episodes - SPOILERS WITHIN

  17. Benny Cake

    Obscure Compilation Recommendations?

    I have played this comp to death since it came out, and it definitely fits the thread title. I’ll bet the farm that @GO likes it.
  18. Benny Cake

    Getting in to gigs when you're underage

    Here’s the man himself at the very gig!
  19. Benny Cake

    My new charity shop cd collection

    I have this on LP, and don’t even mind getting up off my arse to turn it over after 20 minutes!
  20. Benny Cake

    My new charity shop cd collection

    If that’s a criteria, why even bother with CD?