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  1. D0njo

    Valve economist talking about money or something.

    All the cash moneys gonna flow into Germany anyways, whichever way it all pans out. He works for Valve so he's definitely right.
  2. D0njo

    wifi speakers

    Is there a (really) cheap set of speakers I could use to stream music from PC into another room? I'm gonna get a new motherboard soon and I want to get one that I can use my phone to control because that seems awesome.
  3. D0njo


    Been looking forward to this one.... I'll give it a go over the weekend.
  4. D0njo

    Samsung galaxy s1 seems fucked

    Battery wouldn't charge so I bought a new one, same problem. Brought it to a couple of days ago and picked it up today- they said a part on the motherboard had to be replaced. Still the same problem when I get home- it charges for about five minutes then nothing, no...
  5. D0njo

    Meanwhile, In Longford

    (before it gets to Broadsheet) "A Longford pig farmer told a man who came to his farm to repossess machinery that he would set a wild boar on him and prevented him from leaving, the Circuit Court has heard." "It was alleged that Mr Connaughton said that he would set a wild boar on the men, the...
  6. D0njo

    Is the Epiphone Explorer bass any good?

    They look cool anyway.
  7. D0njo

    Katie Kim

    is pretty good. Couldn't find anything about her on here except front page history, surely some of youse like her music. Hipsters and/or general music likers, she's playing the joinery, 7th of December. IT'S BYOB. (Heavy Lighting, incorrectly titled Heavy Lightening)
  8. D0njo

    A load of instagram pictures taken at Valve studios

    Using worldcam Edit: eehhhh... type "Kirkland" in the location box
  9. D0njo

    Anyone play a semi acoustic (hollow body) guitar yoke thing?

    I want to get one but I don't know nathin'. I just know they sound nice for minimal jazzy shite. What say ye?
  10. D0njo

    Black Mesa...

    .... download is taking aaaagggessss... oh well.. I guess I'll just go out and get drunk instead.
  11. D0njo


    Still haven't seen it, hopefully this week. Heard it's good- violent and grim with a black humour. Thank Grud.
  12. D0njo

    Goodnight, sweet prince

    I now know that the demo with the weird ellipsoid graphics I remember playing so vividly when I was 12 is called Ecstatica. Think I'll have to DOSBox it up.
  13. D0njo

    An Unexpected Ass Kicking " “Do things that have never been done before” - The guy who invented the computer "
  14. D0njo


    Just got Botanicula in the Humble Bundle... really liking it, as is my housemates son.. sort of similar in aesthetic and sound design to Machinarium, well, it's got the Amanita feel anyways. The full version of this was included- I...
  15. D0njo

    Valve and Marxism

    Pretty interesting blog post by Michael Abrash about the structure of Valve and where they might be heading.
  16. D0njo

    Independents Day 2012

    Independents Day 2012, Sunday, 22nd of April- 12pm to 5pm at The Dublin Food Coop, 12 Newmarket Square, Dublin 8. Admission €2 A load of zines, stalls food and music.
  17. D0njo

    Cory Doctorow: The coming war on general computation

    Petty interesting. Thinking about cloud computing, seems like fairly effective way to limit use... Freedom in the future will require us to have the capacity to monitor our devices and set meaningful policy on them, to examine and terminate the processes that run on them, to maintain them as...
  18. D0njo


    Anyone else playing it? Got it a while ago but had to take a sabbatical due to college.. NOW IT'S ON.
  19. D0njo

    HL Episode 3

  20. D0njo

    Windows firewall blocking internet access....

    When it's turned on and I try to use Chrome, Firefox or IE I get this- "Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): The connection was reset." I dunno if I should be connected at all without it? I've got free Avast running and use SUPERAntiSpyware regularly... I wiped Online Armour because I...