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    Worldmax brass snare drum

    World Max Brass Snare Drum 14" x 6.5" BK-6514DHBX with added pro sound snares. Fairly minimal use for a couple of gigs and one recording. €250 ono.
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    Survival Knife - Let The Universe Write The Set-List

    Joss Moorkens spoke with Survival Knife frontman Justin Trosper about the band’s new LP ‘Loose Power’ and his old band Unwound Continue reading...
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    Kryptonite Bike Lock & Flex Cable

    I ordered two of these from the modern internet by mistake. Anyone want one in its packaging for €28 (what I paid for it)? I'll just post it back otherwise.
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    Tickets For Sale Breeders June 14 in Vicar St

    2 of these for sale. Standing. Cost €37 odd each. €50 for the two will do.
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    New Dudley Corporation LP & launch gig(s)

    Our new The Dudley Corporation LP is out May 11th. The bugger took us years and contains 13 rocking songs and no slow ones. Well, maybe half a slow one. Download and vinyl available from gigs, shops, and Bandcamp. Artwork is by M&E, mastered by Stephen Quinn. Actually, we copied Tieranniesaur...
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    Mount Eerie (and Earth)

    Jaysus. I'm sure everyone else knew ages ago, but I'm now excited about seeing Mount Eerie March 5th in't Button Factory. It's probably uncool to be blasé about Earth or that Ô Paon lady, but I yam. Mount Eerie though. Deadly.
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    Minor complaints thread

    My back is jiggered this morning. Jiggered, so it is. Also, can you fix one of those tiered steam coffee makers when you've burned it and it only produces coffee that tastes of tar?
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    Barry McCormack LP Launch May 27th

    Hola. Barry McCormack's LP 'Small Mercies' has its launch tomorrow night in Crawdaddy. (DOI: I'm drumming on it and at it). Ken O'Neill and Gary Fitzpatrick's Dead Zoo are playing too. Cost = one tenner. And the whole LP is on Soundcloud here. That is all.
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    Rehearsal Space in Inchicore

    Hola. There are a couple of nights free in the room we rehearse in. Space for leaving a kit set up and a couple of amps, it's been good and secure for the year or two we've been in it. Details below: Studio located in Inchicore EUR180 p/m includes: - one fixed day&evening in the week...
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    Hyundai 17" Monitor fo' sale

    Hyundai ImageQuest L70S Monitor. Good condition. LCD with stereo speakers. VGA input. 500:1 contrast ratio. €40
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    Portsmouth Pre-Season

    Classic stuff at If Portsmouth thought that things could hardly get any worse for them after going into administration, being relegated from the Premier League and having a transfer embargo imposed upon them, they...
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    Mr Drums

    Anyone been here?
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    Martin O'Neill in Massively Overrated Shocker

    I'd agree with this myself.
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    Nexus One

    This review of the new Googley smartphone sounds pretty good. Can be ordered in th'UK from Yamerica. Anybody tried one yet? €410 unlocked inc shipping to UK. SD card memory up to 32GB.
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    Bike Racks

    It seems NYC don't fancy any more of David Byrne's arty bike racks. What are the chances of nabbing some of the buggers for Dublin?
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    Free(cycle) Records Anyone?

    Does anyone want any of these for nowt? 7" Atone - Westlink/Sunrise Joan of Arse/Estel - Road relish single Joan of Arse - Unwanted Gift The Dudley Corporation - Morning After (clear) 10" Asteroids - Moonlight Music for beginners (CDs somewhere too) 12" The Dudley Corporation -...
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    Mad German AIDS ad
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    Beatles Rock Band

    My nephew says it's deadly. Anyone had a go yet?
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    Chelsea Transfer Ban

    Mmm. Delicious punishment.
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    Crack The Skye

    Surprised how much I like this. Wasn't entirely expecting to. Sounds to me like a band at the top of their game with the time/cash/commitment/inspiration to make a deadly rock record. Rarely happens. Very pleased.