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    I want to choke your chicken - The Musical Slave

    A Norwegian girl comes to Dublin, buys a horse, keeps it in a stable in a lane in the Liberties, gets to know all the young fellas that hang out there, writes a song about it. :)
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    'Oxegen' bus catches fire on Dublin's M50 just feel sorry for any of you comuting folk....
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    Ripping entire cd collection...

    anyone done this using an automated machine? or seeing as some of ye might own such a yoke...perhaps someone has done it using a cd duplicator like this one i just bought of ebay......(gonna try and recode it somehow) anyone with info...
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    oh holy lord1

    Eye 2 Eye ExtraRTE Two, Wednesday January 3rd, 11.25pm...
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    Free World Cinema DVD from "The Independant"

    Quote: We are offering every reader a free World Cinema DVD. Choose from this list of award-winning films: Hotel Rwanda; Jean De Florette; Manon Des Sources; A Very Long Engagement; Amores Perros; Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon; Tsotsi; Fitzcarraldo; Breathless; Amelie HOW TO CLAIM YOUR FREE...
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    CD barcode list...

    Seeing as i have a barcode scanner in there some way i could scan all my cd barcodes and generate a list of titles?.... ...i suppose a program wouldnt be necessary, just a list in excel or access of most "popular" discs could suffice n then some matching up type stuff. Cheers.
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    Your one pearl of wisdom...impart.

    If in doubt of dodgy lookin food joints, especially abroad....AVOID...symptoms may not be as short lived as imagined!.....chronic shittin disease aint pretty! have been warned. !bog
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    Business software alliance? Anyone ever get a letter from these people? a letter just a scare/fear tactic or reason to be worried of investigation? BTW - not me, friend was wondering. Ta.
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    But motorists don't know which ones are working!...."haha!...we've got ya now!"

    From 9/5 Revealed: Fiasco of our speed cameras ONLY three fixed speed cameras are working in the entire country, despite a government promise five years ago to instal them countrywide. While there are 20 fixed speed units - boxes erected at roadsides in Dublin, Louth and...