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  1. trev

    Tickets For Sale Gorillas MOT as Scare - Sept 8th (Camden) £30

    yeah try bring all those hardcore sellouts back from the pop music they play nowadays...
  2. trev

    Cave in. Jupiter. Turns 21 today

    Stephen Brodsky
  3. trev

    The punk book thread.

    i'm enjoying this...Smash!: Green Day, The Offspring, Bad Religion, NOFX, and the '90s Punk Explosion at the moment...
  4. trev

    Cassettes for sale

    nah in Dublin but in Limerick when the government allows ;-)
  5. trev

    Cassettes for sale

    put up the cds when you get a chance. thanks.
  6. trev

    mickey freebooters new oi band!

    cheers Byrnoes!
  7. trev

    Buying Vinyl in Limerick?

    moviedrome has a wingnut records stand so vinyl there and hmv in the crescent shopping centre has a decent stock of vinyl too.
  8. trev

    Up coming gigs 2014 ,for gary and other non facebookers!

    Kolin from Fuktifino etc etc in Brainwasher to i believe.
  9. trev

    Recommend new bands thread with links

    NIGHT STALKER Lecky from Voorhees new band
  10. trev

    Red Hare

    yeah picked one up before christmas. had a lash of it there. sounds great!
  11. trev

    where have all the gigs gone?

    they have a vid or two up on youtube
  12. trev

    where have all the gigs gone?

    #1s playing a BYOB gig with Exploding Eyes Jan 25th i think
  13. trev

    Langdon Beck

    i actually burned a copy of it for a member of Langdon Beck last week!
  14. trev

    Rocket From The Crypt This saturday! (Dec 7)

    The merch table set up was pretty stupid and so slow. i hear they had some copies of the 7"s from the other gigs for sale? was that after the gig?
  15. trev


    I got the first 7" in Freebird a while back. They might still have it.
  16. trev

    Eastbound and Down - the FINAL final season

    this season has been a riot.
  17. trev

    Torche & WOFTM This Wedneday (Aug 21)

    the gig didnt have the same mental vibe as the Red Fang gig but Torche defo matched Red Fang in the carrying of the rock torch. Ouch. Awful pun.
  18. trev

    Torche & WOFTM This Wedneday (Aug 21)

    it was rockin. soz.
  19. trev

    Damien Dempsey

    trad circle pits at his gig in the iveagh gardens the other night. a joy to behold.
  20. trev

    Red Hare

    pretty sure i got The Evens The Odds on lp for €15 from him.