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  1. Hector Grey


    'You might be scared of clowns by the end, or you might just be scared of everything' - Dara Higgins on It Read the whole post here.
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    "In placing us, the audience, at the heart of the experience, Christopher Nolan has hit the spot" - Dara Higgins on Dunkirk Read the whole post here.
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    Without Name

    Irish 'psychotropic faery story' Without Name is "imbued with a genuine sense of the creepy" says Dara Higgins Read the whole post here.
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    Ugh. Decaf? Seriously? Yeah, seriously. I need to cut back on the coffee, because of the side effects. Is it actually possible to get decent decaf? Any recommendations? And alcohol free booze while you're at it. Oh, any any activities that are utterly free of joy. List those fuckers. I'll...
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    Worst kit ever, or inspired genius?
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    Awkward Neville Xams

    Ha! There was Phil sitting the Valencia bench thinking this was it, the big one. Maybe they'd make him coach if he did a decent job against Barc. But no. Valencia have appointed Gary Nev instead. HA HA. Poor second rate Phil.
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    How do you sleep?

    I'm waking up constantly throughout the night. I'm going mental. Other than death, what can I do here? Anyone ever done breathing exercises? Jayses. I'm tired.
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    FIFA 16

    'You better not over-hit your through balls' - Dara Higgins on FIFA 16 Continue reading...
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    Kill Your Friends

    'A film with so much cocaine in it must be edgy, right?' - Dara Higgins on cocaine Kill Your Friends Continue reading...
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    Ireland vs Ratko Mladic

    Given how well we marshalled Lewandowski, let's hope that Edin Dzeko breaks his skeleton before this.
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    99 Homes

    'This is the American Dream, updated' - Dara Higgins on 99 Homes Continue reading...
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    The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

    'Of course the premise is nonsense, but it’s good, old fashioned fun' - Dara Higgins on Guy Ritchie's The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Continue reading...
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    'He thinks cuss words and illegally burns games for pocket money and has a Mexican friend. He’s troubled in a most untroubled way' - Dara Higgins on Max, the story of a boy, his family, and their PTSD suffering ex-Marine dog Continue reading...
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    Hot Pursuit

    'Reese Witherspoon is short. Sofia Vergara has an accent. That’s the joke' - Dara Higgins on Hot Pursuit Continue reading...
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    The Gallows

    'Who knew a working gallows could be so dangerous?' - Dara Higgins on The Gallows Continue reading...
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    Music Of Our Memories

    'Where does the music go, the stuff that you dream or imagine?' - Dara Higgins on forgotten songs and hidden grief Continue reading...
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    Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Vicar Street, 18th April

    'They were, in a word, immense' - Dara Higgins on Godspeed You! Black Emperor's Vicar Street gig Continue reading...
  18. Hector Grey

    Record Store Day 2015 - Saturday, April 18th

    Dara Higgins takes a look at some of the events taking place in Dublin's finest independent (and not so independent) record shops for Record Store Day 2015 Continue reading...
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    Goals are over-rated.

    FIFA PUSKAS AWARD 2014 - YouTube Shite.