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  1. the pope

    secret vice.

    is it just me or does anyone else find themselves liking some music that is deemed embarrassing or is against what you normally like? for example, a lot of justin trousersnake and liberty x's i think is great fun to listen to... even though its !cheezy... my girlfriend also loves daniel...
  2. the pope

    sexy wow. thelma mansfield. mmmmmmmmmm........
  3. the pope

    test yourself:

    another email thingy: -------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- Gar, your unconscious mind is driven most by: Intelligence. its interesting, good way to spend 5 minutes...! they're into their...
  4. the pope


    got this in an email, lets see who knows their films... which 5 actors have starred in 2 currently released trilogies? example: hugo weaving will have been in the matrix and lord of the rings trilogy at the end of the year, but he doesn't count as they're not currently released...
  5. the pope

    creativity needed.

    i'm currently trying to set up a music recording and performance band. i don't care what you play, as long as you are creative and you have good ideas and want to be original and experiment with different musical structures. i don't give a fuck about your influences, that'll work its way...
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    More of the same (2)
  7. the pope

    which footballer are you?

    i just found this. its an interesting diversion... You are Freddie Ljungberg Although you need a new hairdresser, you're a class player. You're not a saint but you're not a hatchet man either. However, unlike a solid Swedish table, you're a bit...
  8. the pope

    planet x

    an interesting read this... quite well worded for a outlandish conspiracy theory!
  9. the pope

    current irish squad: who would you play?

    Goalkeepers: Shay Given (Newcastle United), Dean Kiely (Charlton Athletic), Nick Colgan (Hibernian). Defenders: Ian Harte (Leeds United), Gary Breen (West Ham United), Kenny Cunningham (Birmingham City), John O'Shea (Manchester United), Stephen Carr (Tottenham Hotspur), Richard Dunne...
  10. the pope

    b10 review

    "Taking place in the lower deck of the Lower Deck bar in Portobello, the Ballroom of Romance has quickly established itself as one of the most consistantly entertaining nights in a city full of tepid pay to play shows and fustratingly hit-and-miss gigs. The concept is simple; three or four...
  11. the pope


    €500 ok. do i buy a cheap electric guitar, cheap keyboard or drum heads and a crash? bearing in mind i need all these things.......