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  1. M

    Storm Barra

    mayo looks like the calmest place in the country right now on one of the weather wonks on boards was saying that with these storms which move eastward and spin anti-clockwise, it's always to the south of the storm that gets much worse wind. i guess that's because that's the portion of...
  2. xsteox

    Crimes against guitars.... Just make up your mind. You're one or the other, can't be both
  3. therealjohnny

    Your work situation

    4 hour "mandatory audience participation " zoom call today. It cant be as bad as yesterday's session when a colleague accidentally signed in using his personal Cuntface account and it too way too long to notice that everyone could see that name displayed.
  4. therealjohnny

    It's the Friday 80s Pop song thread

    I know the song but would never have guessed it's by Asia
  5. hydromancer

    Storm Barra

    There's the list Olwen is Welsh and I'd think the same for Arwen but maybe it's not really the case. I see the are they are ready to name one after Logan from the X-Men though.
  6. N

    Storm Barra

    yeah, they only started naming storms a few years ago and Met Eireann usually get to name them hence lots of Irish names (I suppose they hit here first). if anyone gets killed despite ignoring warnings expect the usual bullshit: a priest and local representitive to come on say how lovely they...
  7. thumped

    jaysus you have ticked the "Disable holiday styling" box you monsters
  8. N

    The Gareth Brooks thread

    I'd love it if the whole thing got cancelled again.
  9. N

    Coronavirus: Better Call Sol - CORONAMANIA

    a lot of the thinking around my recent rants on this thread was to do with climate change. if we can't take a few Covid restrictions then there is even less will among the public than I thought to reel in mindless consumerism, unnecessary jobs and other waste. the government barely care and the...
  10. hydromancer

    Storm Barra Is it usually Met Eireann that gets to name these ?
  11. GO

    Storm Barra

    Storm Barry short for Barold
  12. thumped

    The WTF Thread
  13. thumped

    The WTF Thread

  14. flashback

    Storm Barra

    "Violent Storm Force 11 on Irish coastal waters from Dungarvan to Valentia to Erris Head." What the fuck lads. I've just moved in. No chance of a normal Storm force 11 to kick things off?
  15. GO

    Irish Upcoming Punk Gigs

    Likewise. Appreciation
  16. flashback

    Storm Barra

    Ah bollix.
  17. hiadudiad?

    Force people to make new threads

    That's a good point
  18. ann post

    Force people to make new threads

    I just want to chat shit about stuff without getting twitter involved.
  19. hiadudiad?

    Force people to make new threads

    Don't I pay for the benefit of resurrecting shite old threads? What's wrong with old threads anyway? You don't have read the whole thing.
  20. thumped

    Space is the Place