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    Congrats to Mark and Jill

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    Popical Island Saturday #3 tomorrow 2.30

    :) nice snap pete! bloody great day overall - really sad it might be the last one
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    Ballroom #100: The End - Electric Eel Shock, Legion of Two and more

    Really enjoyed both nights - fair play to Al, the HGF boys and Billyg for all their work down the years. That Legion of Two set was the perfect way to end it all - mighty stuff. I liked how everyone just drifted off into the night then - no histrionics. Was remarking to some folk how when the...
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    new liverpool thread - everyone loves them

    It's all unravelling a bit lads... Hate to say it but without serious takeover dosh and a new stadium 'pool are going to permanently drop out of the top places. They can only trade off the past for so long. 21 years... *cry*
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    Bit late now but Groom were aces. Best I've seen them - playing the first few tunes straight through was really something, they were all banjaxed. First time seeing Land Lovers - great stuff, savage bassist. Got a bit of a Liverpool sound going on - Beatles, La's.
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    new liverpool thread - everyone loves them

    Guardian saying King Kenny's throwing his hat in the ring!
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    CD & DVD Storage Towers

    Only 3 of these left now. €10 each or the lot for €25.
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    CD & DVD Storage Towers

    6 of these bad boys - would like to shift all of them together for €50. Would consider €10 each. Full description and pic at
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    Thumped Freecycle

    Just got rid of all the above.
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    Thumped Freecycle

    Some stuff I'm getting rid of - pm if interested: Gameboy Colour (circa 1999) inc. Pokemon Red + Yellow + Silver, Worms, Mario, Recharger + Spare Battery Playstation PSOne inc. Tony Hawks 2, Worms, Gran Turismo + both controllers and some memory cards VHS Video Player/Recorder - good...
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    2 David O'Doherty Tickets for Sale - Vicar St - Tonight, Thu 25th Feb

    2 tickets going - €30 for the pair - €50 face value. PM or reply to this thread if interested.
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    Haiti Benefit: Andy Irvine, Spook, Mumblin' Deaf Ro, The Hounds & Big Monster Love

    Re: Haiti Benefit: Andy Irvine, Spook, Mumblin' Deaf Ro, The Hounds & Big Monster Lov The Hounds were excellent, definitely going to check them out again. It was great to finally see Andy Irvine too after Unclealo pointed me at some of his stuff a while back. His voice hasn't changed a bit...
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    Beat Generation Software

    Ta for the info lads. Any opinion on Fruity Loops/Studio thing?
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    Beat Generation Software

    Just looking for some recommendations for decent software for composing beats. Not for performance, just for creating a drum track that can be exported as a WAV to stick into Reaper and onto an SP404. Open to going with FL or Ableton though if they really would be the best way to go.
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    Orbital, Friday 13th - 1 Ticket for Sale

    Ticket's no longer available...
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    Orbital, Friday 13th - 1 Ticket for Sale

    1 standing ticket for sale, face value, for Orbital this Friday, 13th Nov.
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    Orbital this weekend swapsies?

    Hey, I've a Friday ticket for sale but not swap...
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    Put pictures of your sprogs here

    Meself and Coraline's wee-one:
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    Congrats to Snap-Apple and Coraline

    Thanks everyone - both Mum and baby are doing well. It's such a fulfilling and satisfying feeling, and not a little bit daunting - it's still all ahead of us! :)
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    new liverpool thread - everyone loves them

    the new jimmy carter maybe?