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    The Thumped 2009 Games Of The Year Gay-O-Rama-Rama

    Yeah this is nerdtastic. Categories and things. Best Overall Game: Best Graphics: Best Sound: Best Story: Biggest Disappointment: Best Multiplayer: Surprise Title Of The Year: Gaming Moment Of The Year:
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    Cheapo Speakers Setup Advice

    Any way this would work with a 360....?
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    Download The New Championship Manager For Free!

    (kinda) It probably won't be half as good as Football Manager, but some clever-cloggs at Eidos has decided to let everyone download the game and name their price, like Radiohead did with an album recently. I think there's a 2.50 sterling transaction fee, but might be worth a shot in these...
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    FIFA 10 I am officially excited about games again.
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    Cafu Signs For....
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    Surround Sound System?

    Looking for a reasonably priced option. I'd like to hook up the 360/PS3 to one. Anyone got any suggestions?
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    Retro titles x Current titles = Demakes.

    Check it.
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    The Day The Earth Stood Still

    The original is one of my earliest movie memories. The remake with Keanu is out this Friday and here be 7.5 minutes of it...
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    Pensions - fucked?

    What's all this I'm hearing about pensions being in danger? Can someone who knows about such things, but with the ability to explain it to simpletons, tell us what's going on..? Pension funds are relying on the stock markets - the markets are screwed - pensions are screwed?
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    Football Manager 2009

    What the fuck? How did this slip under my radar? Stan? Franco??? Whaaaat???? I didn't even know the demo was out. Fuck that lack of knowledge right there...!!!! I'm being told the full game is out tomorrow? I was thinking of a way to save a bit of cash in the new year and this baby could well...
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    For folks who know a bit about electronics and stuff....

    Where might I be able to pick up a simple red LED light? It's for part of a wacky Halloween costume, so it is. The party is on this weekend, so I've gotta be able to source it pretty sharpish. If I can rig up a small LED so it's powered off a AA battery or something, with a 3ft wire or so...
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    Time Travel

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    Javascript help meeees?

    I need a script that will display a random swf. I have the code below for displaying a random image from a list, but as I say, I'd like to display a random .swf file instead. Can this blokes code below be modified to do such a thing? I was pretty pissed off to find out I couldn't just change...
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    I work on site for a small company that is looking to get their network sorted out. Ideally we'd like all 5 PCS connected to the server, all machines on-line, anti-virus and firewalls set up - the whole shooting match. We have a server already, which 2 PCs and 2 printers are connected to. So...
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    Setanta Sports are a bunch fucks.

    Bunch fucks...? Really? Damn the inability to edit a title. I forgot I had subscribed to Setanta, so seeing as the footy is over for the summer, I decided to cancel. I already knew I had to give a months notice (so they basically rip another months payments out of you, the dirty swines)...
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    Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins
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    Sky+ Bargain Deal... until noon Friday.

    Ok, I never do this sorta thing, so I hope it doesn't get frowned upon, but if anybody is looking to sign up to Sky, I can get you a Sky+ deal for only 99 quid. If you take a look on the official Irish Sky site, it'll set ya back 200 quid. This is all above board. I do contract work for an...
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    Flippin' Spyware/Virus...!

    I've got something seriously funky happening on my work PC again at the moment. I think someone (not me..!) downloaded and ran a program they shouldn't have and ever since, things are screwed. I've ran up to date versions of avg and spyware doctor and I've deleted a lot of very bad looking...
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    NIN make a film thingy

    YouTube - Nine Inch Nails' Ghosts Film Festival - Introduction
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    Not getting paid for a job done...!

    Simply put, I did a site for someone and they never paid. It's been up for about 6 months now and despite many emails, phonecalls and the like, I have been just getting the brush off. Typical phonecall: Me: Can I speak to Mr. X? Them: Sure, I'll get him now. Who is calling....? Me: John...