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    CD & DVD Storage Towers

    6 of these bad boys - would like to shift all of them together for €50. Would consider €10 each. Full description and pic at
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    2 David O'Doherty Tickets for Sale - Vicar St - Tonight, Thu 25th Feb

    2 tickets going - €30 for the pair - €50 face value. PM or reply to this thread if interested.
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    Beat Generation Software

    Just looking for some recommendations for decent software for composing beats. Not for performance, just for creating a drum track that can be exported as a WAV to stick into Reaper and onto an SP404. Open to going with FL or Ableton though if they really would be the best way to go.
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    Orbital, Friday 13th - 1 Ticket for Sale

    1 standing ticket for sale, face value, for Orbital this Friday, 13th Nov.
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    Sampler Advice - Roland SP404

    Was wondering if anyone had any experience with this sort of kit? I'm looking to setup simple drum loops and ambient loops and thought this yoke would do the job. Seems to be better priced than the MPC500 say and gives alot more flexibility than a more affordable loop-pedal.
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    Epiphone Les Paul Special Electric Guitar

    Very Good Condition, suitable for beginners, looking for €90
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    Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar

    Very good condition, suitable for beginners, looking for €70
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    Alesis Midiverb IV

    Effects Unit: Excellent condition, under 1 year old, rarely used, looking for €120.
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    Alasdair Roberts

    Only about 30 folk there to see him in Whelan's last night, real shame, he was great. I remember seeing him there a few years back and the place was almost full. I blame the hippity-hop.
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    Apple 'Cool' Hunters - ask me bollix

    Yiz are trying waaaaay too hard Apple PR folk. A mac is just a computer. An ipod is just an mp3 player. South Park couldn't have done better than this typical example of Apple's monthly news. Makes me puke: ------------------------- Nice Kicks Even before the teaser debuted on the...
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    Chelsea's wobbles

    So in anyways, the Sunday Times sport section yesterday made for inneresting reading. If you're to believe it all Mourinho is pretty much out the door come summer by the looks of things and Roman's purse-strings are tight. Arnesen and Kenyon don't get on. Doesn't really matter at the moment if...
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    Rugs (Oriental and otherwise)

    Yeah, rock 'n' roll baby. I read about this oriental rug shop in Dublin recently but can't remember where it is - any ideas or other recommedations? All the dude ever wanted yadda yadda.
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    Bodyrox tune + vid

    Class tune
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    Homeowners - Property Management Companies

    Yeah, not very rock and\or roll... Very briefly where we live there's alot of talk about changing property management company for a variety of reasons. I'm not going to say who we're with currently or which lot we're looking at but just wondering what people's experiences are (positive or...
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    Time Trumpet - Tonight - Watch It!

    Shud b gud:
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    DCU Ball Tonight - Tue 18th July?

    Is this on?
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    FIFA Wankings & Number of UEFA qualifiers in World Cup

    Here, this wrecks my head. And I'm preaching to the converted here I know but anyways... 14 european qualifiers got to the World Cup right? 10 of those into the last 16. 14 non-european, non-south american teams - 3 of those into the last 16. I think this is what should determine how...
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    End Of An Era

    Big Al, Denis and Zizou. Great days. And Big Dunc too.
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    Chelsea - Hats Off

    Hate to say it but you just have to hand it to them today - they totally steam rollered Man U. Next season should be a bit closer barring injuries to big names on the other teams. Although the Times this morning did point out that Chelsea are after Ballack, Shevchenko and Ashely Cole. Jebus.
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    Sergio Aguero

    Check out the movie clips links at the end of this article. £10million would be a bargain...