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  1. Benny Cake

    Cannonball Adderley - Somethin' Else

    And why not? Let's have something different, and discuss how great music still sounds great 60+ years on. This is a good entry point for people less inclined to jazz.
  2. Benny Cake

    Songs of infidelity

    I’ll start by setting the bar high
  3. Benny Cake

    Good tunes by shite bands/artistes

  4. Benny Cake

    Ireland vs Sepp Blatter and Jozef Tiso

    Blatter - you like that one Cormac?! The only thing to get excited about is Judge and Arter really, but nice to see some new names. Why in the name of Jesus are Green and Cox getting a look in though? Surely give Rooney at Aberdeen a look in up front? That front line wouldn't inspire...
  5. Benny Cake

    When people buy you music as a present

    It's a funny one. A friend stayed over for a while and bought me a new album by Patti Smith - Banga, thinking that's the kind of thing I'd be into. I'd never fork out on a new Patti Smith record, I wouldn't even give it a spin. And yet, it's mostly great. I guess my point is that sometimes...
  6. Benny Cake

    Euro 2016 - let's go

    "Out of fog comes clarity" - go on George, you heart-attack merchant. Look at the happy head on Robbie 'Unbelievable' Brady in the last three matches - that's all of us!! I can't wait for the draw - hope we get England, Switzerland and Hungary. I wish we could play the bloody thing...
  7. Benny Cake

    Ireland vs Willy Brandt and Lech Wałęsa

    'Willy Brandt and Lech Wałęsa' says Corm in disgust, 'where's Goebbels and Pope John Paul II?' Well I think we need to extend the olive branch this time, and in the tradition of their Nobel Peace Prize winning compatriots, hope that they approach these games in a spirit of friendliness and...
  8. Benny Cake

    Ireland vs 'Whoever' and Stalin

    37-man squad announced, to be shortened to 23. A place for Eunan O'Kane, who looked decent against Liverpool last night, and the return of Cunningham, who I hope can stay in the squad as by all accounts he;s doing well at Preston and we need a proper left back. No place for Grealish yet...
  9. Benny Cake

    2018 WC qualifiers

    Fuck yeah! Wales, Austria, Serbia, Ireland, Moldova, Georgia
  10. Benny Cake

    Ireland vs Olive Cromwell and Robert The Bruce

    Who needs 90s bequiffed pop-socked Grealish to do the business (on the one hand he said September so we should respect that, on the other get your finger and nail your colours to a mast) when we have have of our squad in next year's Championship. Watch out across the water, you're fucked. Six...
  11. Benny Cake

    Father Ted 20th anniversary

    I hear Father Clippit still does a good long mass. A great tip-of-the-hat here: Father Ted’s legacy, 20 years on: up with this sort of thing | Television & radio | The Guardian
  12. Benny Cake

    Putting on the oldies

    Have you put on any music recently that you hadn't listened to in years? I just dug out Unknown Pleasures by Joy Division and I have to say I never enjoyed that the record. Well, I still don't.
  13. Benny Cake

    Tony Blair vs Ireland

    They keep that one quiet, don't they?! Both Whelan and Hoolahan injured - what will Dunphy have to complain about now? I;d trade that in a heartbeat to have Coleman and McCarthy back. Man, I am really looking to this one.
  14. Benny Cake

    Jack Grealish

    Good times in camp Ireland! Mind you, there's no actual quotes in the article, but it's popping up in other sources so hopefully it's true. What were we saying about having too many midfielders these days? All we need now is for the Cattle to say he's shite and we're laughing... Martin O’Neill...
  15. Benny Cake

    Band merchandise

    At what point do they piss you off? Gorilla Biscuits Pet T Shirt anyone?
  16. Benny Cake

    Football players who've let themselves go

    Fucking hell Tony Galvin (yes, that is actually Tony Galvin)
  17. Benny Cake

    Ireland v Serbia

    No reference to maniacal dictators this time, ahem. Forde, Coleman, Keogh, Wilson, Ward, McGeady, McCarthy, Whelan,Hoolahan,McClean,Long Not a bad side now, all things considered. 4-5-1 and Hoolahan gets to shake a leg. Apparently the Stoke faithful think Whelan has been very good recently, so...
  18. Benny Cake

    Pope John Paul II vs. Ireland

    Well, this will be a 'sterner test', as they say, for sure. Looking forward to it actually. They really can't sink into themselves for this, can they? Will be curious to see if he sticks with Hoolahan for this. No Keane. Bring it on.
  19. Benny Cake

    Ciao Trap. Next.

    It is surely deserving of it's own thread and not buried in that nightmare thread. I've even had a name change to commemorate that new low. First time we've lost two games at home in a qualifier in 50 years by the way. There's another shit-stat for you. The only real horses in the race so far...
  20. Benny Cake

    Bands let down by their recordings

    Meaning you can hear they have decent songs but their album(s) sound like shit Thee Oh Sees are the biggest offenders I can think of right now. I know they're going for the whole lo-fi schtick, but there's good lo-fi and there's that shit. Which brings me to a bigger question - is it right to...