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  1. dudley

    Illuminati Hotties - Let me do one more

    Might be good to do a new LP that tentatively no-one really knows?
  2. dudley

    Low - HEY WHAT

    Capturing the zeitgeist, man
  3. dudley

    Vicar St fire

    Not great news, hope it's contained before too much damage is done
  4. dudley

    Elder live *gig* online

    This is amazing stuff, nothing has made me miss gigs more during this stupid pandemic
  5. dudley


    Are we at war now?
  6. dudley

    Is Thumped still going?

    Well, is it?
  7. dudley

    Thread for amazing live videos

  8. dudley

    Thingy - Two covers and a sequel

    Elea Tenuta from Thingy/Heavy Vegetable died last month after her breast cancer returned. Rob Crow has released the final music by Thingy, with all proceeds going to Elea's family
  9. dudley

    Run for Hank

    Check this out. Ian Omo (who used to post here a lot) is running a staggering 10 marathons in 10 days, to raise money for bereaved parents. He only has two to go, and in this horrendous weather. Some man.... Worth a quid or two, eh...
  10. dudley

    Your cool instagram shots

    Yes, I'm bored.
  11. dudley

    2021 tunes worth a listen...

    This has a very pleasant swing
  12. dudley

    Minor wishes

    Hoping these fierce winds knock down my neighbours big tree as my Sky reception has gone to shit, and I won't want to ask them to chop it down. Or offer to pay for it to be chopped.
  13. dudley

    Thread for holy shit stuff

    Ian used to post here, under the guise of @omo, and then changed his name to something I can't remember before hanging up his Thumped spurs. You'll remember him, funny fucker, made Large Mound videos etc. A couple of years back, like 2, he took up running. Last night, he did something...
  14. dudley

    Thread for helping out local business, if you've a spare sheckle

    I'll start with imbibe coffee. They produce amazing specialist coffee from a roastery in Dolphin's barn, they donate 1% of company turnover to women's aid, and paid for bridges to be built in one of the towns they source coffee from. Most of their trade is wholesale to Dublin cafe's and...
  15. dudley

    Distraction radio

    by me Given the week that's in it, today on the radio show I'll take a deep dive into the Irish underground, and occasionally above, Turn off whatsapp and have a listen from 1pm on. Tune into 2XM via your fave app, smart speaker or stream from!
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    Thread for beautiful music to keep us going

  17. dudley

    Online band practice

    Has anyone ever tried this succesfully? Would love to find something to tide me over the next few months! Something like
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    Oh my god....

  19. dudley

    Major chortles thread

    Back in the days when records were records, the world's leading expert on European Wasps went into a record store. "Do you have 'Acoustic Sounds of European Wasps, Volume 2' in stock yet?" he asked the clerk. "I think so, sir," the clerk said. "Let me check." So he checked, and he said...
  20. dudley

    Purple Jews - A tribute night for David Berman - Sound House, Oct 17

    All my favourite singers couldn't sing. David Berman, pavement hero of the Silver Jews and the comeback king of Purple Mountains, passed on August 7. He left behind a corduroy suit made of a hundred gutters, jagged skylines of car keys, 50,000 beer cans and a wild kindness. Paying tribute are...