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  1. Mormon Nailer

    Vocal Fry

    Apparently we're supposed to find these vocal fry things terribly annoying now. Fell free to join the meandering twitter fight over "policing women's' voices" of your choice. I find them sexy.
  2. Mormon Nailer


    The hard drive on the PC was nearly full so I decided to offload all my pictures to the NAS. Jesus what a palaver. Copy all the images to an external hard drive Delete anything obviously fucked up - out of focus, irrecoverably under or over exposed Sort things into some sort of folder...
  3. Mormon Nailer

    When did everyone in this country become completey incompetent?

    Seriously. Was it this bad before I left - I don't remember it being this bad. Just everyone being cheerfully incompetent, and not even good enough at what they do to realise they are completely useless and unprofessional. I just paid a fucking fortune to have my car serviced. Every time the...
  4. Mormon Nailer

    GBV Touring!!

    Tour Dates 05.22 - Philadelphia, PA - Trocadero Theater 05.23 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom* 05.24 - Washington, DC - Black Cat# 6.02.14 Des Moines, IA - Wooly's^ 6.03.14 Omaha, NE - The Waiting Room^ 6.04.14 Englewood, CO - The Gothic Theatre^ 6.06.14 Spokane, WA - Knitting Factory^...
  5. Mormon Nailer

    Dr. Kermit Gosnell.

    The risk of provoking a janer like shitstorm notwithstanding...holy fuck this is nasty! some NSFW imagery included
  6. Mormon Nailer

    Steve Jobs Legacy

    So. What will it be? On the one hand I remember the complete scepticism the iPod was greeted with, and now digital music is the norm. So did Steve Jobs digify the world and open the door for digital media of all kinds, from music to film to books. And did this destroy the internet by making...
  7. Mormon Nailer

    I need advice on an infographic type thingy

    I doing something at work (unusual I know) An I'd like to create a diagram showing markets for different things and where these are fulfilled from. Think something like trade flows So ideally I'd like a map of the world Scale circles over America/Europe and Asia showing market volume and...
  8. Mormon Nailer

    US Presidental Election 2012

    So. GOP debate last night. Jobs speech tonight. Much to discuss.
  9. Mormon Nailer


    Can someone who's been let me know what the setup is. Can you just turn up or do you have to buy one of these crazy expensive passes? If I just mosey along will I get to see anything? Cheers
  10. Mormon Nailer

    Remember the 20 year old girl who was police chief of a town in Mexico...

    ..because no one else would. I figured it would end badly, so of all possible outcomes I think this is the best. There was a businessman a while back who couldn't pay his ransom so they hacked his little daughter up with...
  11. Mormon Nailer

    Wikileaks and Julian Assange

    So. what do people think? The CNN journalist who had the temerity to ask him a couple of awkward questions last week is being trolled pretty badly on facebook. I've been following along and dipping my oar in now and again, but it's depressing stuff. Anyone have any strong opinions? Why do I...
  12. Mormon Nailer

    All Tomorrow's Tea Parties

    Mo, Say it ain't so...
  13. Mormon Nailer

    Nigella's Kitchen

    Notes from producers meeting: Congratulations to the special effects department on the new Nigella Bot. Well done the publicity team for keeping her death a secret all these years. We have watched episode 1 and would like to suggest the following: Please increase Nigella Bots breasts by two...
  14. Mormon Nailer

    Email Signatures!

    I really really hate it when people include "Regards" and "Joe Bloggs" as part of their email signature. It turns what sould be a couple of simple back and forth comments (like a IM via email) into some wierd passive agressive exchange. You know the formality of the salutation is fake because...
  15. Mormon Nailer

    Google's Android App Inventor

    Anyone else have access yet? It's very cool There is a on window for creating the screen, with button etc and then another where you design the control flow out of jigsaw pieces. ie all of the standard statements you would like like while and for loops have jigsaw pieces that you click...
  16. Mormon Nailer

    I have a phone related question....

    I'm looking to get a Google Nexus One phone. There are two versions available 3G coverage on networks that use the 850 MHz, 1900 MHz, and 2100 MHz frequency bands (recommended for use on AT&T in the US) 3G coverage on networks that use the 900 MHz, AWS, and 2100 MHz frequency bands...
  17. Mormon Nailer

    A torrent portforward related question

    I have some sort of box in the apartment connected to the phone line and I have a wireless router router plugged into that for the wi-fi. I was never able to get any decent speed on a torrent, and the trauma of working out how to portforward through two boxes was too much for me. The other...
  18. Mormon Nailer

    I did not know this......

    ........sounds obvious after you see the geometry. Why spot focusing and recomposing is a bad idea I wonder though would I really like to go back to uning the multiple AF points?
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    I've been reading lots of tamale recipes and investigating different ways of making them, for the blog thing. I made some nice sweet ones last night - basically as it was late and I wasn't in the mood to make an elaborate meat filling, I just wanted to play around with the dough. They were...