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  1. Nate Champion

    UK Garage, My Arse! @Lili Marlene and all my Thumped buddies.
  2. Nate Champion

    Euro Fantasy Football

    I set up a few fantasy leagues for the Euros. I have a spare one provisionally called Jim Beglin's Bar Tab that can be used for folks on here. Let me know. Only six hours or so to get your research done and your team picked! I hadn't a brown clue who to pick. Ended up with 20 mill spare out...
  3. Nate Champion

    Calibrating WD external hard-drive [with recovered data from broken Mac] with the fixed Mac

    Right, so my Mac crashed a while ago, eh, right after I bought this Western Digital TB passport [external hard-drive]. So, the Mac was fixed, but yer man who fixed it had to recover the "lost" data. When he had recovered the data from my broken Mac, I gave him the new WD to put it on. Right. So...
  4. Nate Champion

    CDs for Sale or Trade as Requested by Trev in Another Thread

    'The Sign of Four' - Derek Bailey, Pat Metheny, Gregg Bendian & Paul Wertico. 'The Four Arms' - Flower-Corsano Duo. 'Cavalcade' - The Lonesome Organist. 'Who Put Out the Fire?' - The Monorchid 'Goodly Time' - Position Normal. Nine Types of Light' - TV on the Radio. 'Nevertheless Optimistic' -...
  5. Nate Champion

    Replacement stylus for Shure's M4-77

    So, I need to replace my Shure M4-77 stylus, but the original product was discontinued in 2018 by Shure. I watched this video where the guy is raving about this Japanese brand Jico. He disparages a range of M4-77 replacement stylii in the video, but he doesn't say what those "rubbish" brands...
  6. Nate Champion

    VCR player[s] Wanted

    I'm looking to stockpile working VHS players. No preferred brands. Just as long as it's working Will offer cash, or possible trade for records/cds/books. Might be a bit of a long shot, being 2020, but you never know what people have knocking about that they don't need or use.
  7. Nate Champion

    Cortège for Rosenbloom - a new radio show I'm doing from my apartment into a tiny fart of an Apple Mac mic.

    ...thus, anything really is possible. I'm starting to do a new two hour radio show, eh, mostly from my apartment. The concept is simple: to play a mix of experimental, marginalised or alternative music, but not alternative in the sense of 'Razorblade Suitcase' by Bush, with a no-holds barred...
  8. Nate Champion

    Vinyl for sale... maybe a few cds.

    Put some vinyl up for sale. All in v. good knick, some in great knick. Just stuff I have no interest. I'm in Ireland until roughly the end of February, so pm or message me below if you have any interest: 'The Dance of the Headless Bourgeois' 2xLP - No Means No [15 eu] 'All Roads Lead to...
  9. Nate Champion


    This band are like an unholy cross between Big Black, GvsB, Jawbox and Bitch Magnet bam, what the fuck was going on in those post-Husker years? What were the feeding the students in the water?
  10. Nate Champion

    New Enablers album

    New album is a stunner. Doug Scharin has left the picture. This is some of the best Enablers stuff I've heard. It's not all great, but when it's good it's very good. Just seen they've been tipping around the UK, but have passed already. Did they ever recover that stolen guitar from the Grand...
  11. Nate Champion

    Vinyl for sale, some cds. Potential trade/swap also

    asahawks / Collection Trying to off-load some vinyl and cds to a lesser extent. hopefully the above link works. Cds can go for 3 or 4eu. Not too bothered, don't expect much interest in them. Most full albums are going for 10eu. Some can go for 5eu or maybe even less. Except for...
  12. Nate Champion

    Thanks for that Spike Some good stuff on here, no doubt, but parts off this look like a Christmas viewing list your Dad might have compiled. Apparently it's all to bring attention to his controversial use of...
  13. Nate Champion

    Lofty books about music, art, film, etc.

    Apologies for that thread title. Anyway, I was thumbing through an old Wire issue last night and two book reviews caught my attention. One by was Dan Graham called Rock/Music Writings that sounded fairly curious with a lean towards assessing the aesthetic/cultural validity of pop leading up to...
  14. Nate Champion

    Selling on Discogs - any advice?

    Can anyone tell me any info about selling on discogs, particularly vinyls? I have about thirty or forty vinyls that I have no interest in keeping (actually I'm in a clear-out mode so this could increase...). And maybe cds - but I might just trade these into second-hand shops in town. I'm...
  15. Nate Champion

    Tomahawk's Oddfellows just out

    Wow. Insanely catchy. I've just been listening to the first fifteen minutes over and over.
  16. Nate Champion

    Tomahawk's Oddfellows just out

    Wow. Insanely catchy. I've just been listening to the first fifteen minutes over and over.
  17. Nate Champion

    Long Fin Killie

    I cannot actually believe there is no thread on these guys. Eccentric, distinctly British, ballsy 90s "post-rock" with the insatiable Luke Sutherland on vocals. I'd been listening to Bows' (Sutherland's post-Killie band) Blush, which is in its own right gorgeous, a little more trip-hop in its...
  18. Nate Champion

    Barn Owl

    I'm listening to their new one, Ancestral Star - it's kind of like a Dylan Carlson facsimile with occasionally flights into Arvo Pärt austerity. Yeah, it's really fuckin' good. Bleak, but, ah, beautiful. I'd only heard that Evan Caminiti solo job, West Winds, previously. Despairing...
  19. Nate Champion

    'Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle'

    New Bill Callahan. I just heard it today. Its a thing of beauty. Best album I've heard all year - not a duff track on it. Its a lush, pastoral affair. First album of his I've liked since Supper. He ain't a smog no more, thats for sure.
  20. Nate Champion

    New Polvo album. Soon.

    Its actually not even that recent. Yes to this! Given the fact that Polvo rocked like a fuckin' kid juggernaut at Primavera Sound last year this can only be a really good thing. From the horse's mouth.... Wednesday, February 25, 2009 Back to the Lab Hi, guys, Dave here. I just wanted to...