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  1. FairFuks

    This Prick Is Broke

    Ah here... Man breaks his penis during sex and makes medical history
  2. FairFuks

    Active Directory

    Hi Guys, I work in IT security but its on the companies own bespoke systems and have become quite pigeon holed. There are not many oppurtunities for advancement and I have learned as much as I possibly can. Ive been looking for jobs elsewhere but invariably most want some active directory...
  3. FairFuks

    Thinking of Getting Out Of Dublin To Move To The Country...

    Came into a bit of inheritance. Thinking of getting away from it all to live a quieter existence with the missus..have a dream to get a small cottage on an acre of land to grow my own veg, a few hens, a cat, a dog and pig lol Ideally live near a decent enough town with all the amenities but...
  4. FairFuks

    Can a decent Smartphone replace my PC?

    Listen folks, I'm going to get a HTC One M7 smartphone as a treat to myself this Crimbo. Its a deadly phone and was voted best smartphone in 2013 until it was replaced guessed it..the HTC One M8. Look I have a pain in my bollix paying bills and was thinking of scrapping my jaded laaptop...