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    Keith Jarrett Hannover 1974

    TASTY . Play loud
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    musique française d'excellente qualité

    I had to use google translate for the thread title ..I don't know if we have a french thread Are these the two coolest looking motherfuckers ever to be on a screen? Possibly
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    New celtic druids show looks good

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    Spocks Jam

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    Yamaha Pacifica

    I was curious about these for a long time, so I kept my eye open for one pre loved, preferably in a nice colour. I picked this one up on last week. The chap who had it had tried to force the wrong tremolo arm into it. ..he said nothing about any of that the sly git, but I didn't care..the guitar...
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    DIY Guitar Messing About

    Anyone done it? I want a pink telecaster but they can't be had so I'm thinking of building one from a kit. Just for a project.
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    Rock n roll or what

    At approx 2.59 of this tune ,while singing the words 'Rape!Murder! Its just a shot away!" at a recording session in the middle of the night ,you can hear pregnant backing vocalist Merry Claytons voice crack and again a couple of seconds later and faintly you can hear Mick Jagger let out a "Woo!"...
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    Stand Up Comedy is dead

    99% of that shit isnt funny anymore...I read it on Thumped and its true. I'm glad its dead cos they said it was the new rock n roll or some shit but rock n roll should be the new rock n roll...and not Des Bishop or some other toolbag talking about immersions I even went to see Russell Brand...
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    24" guitars

    Thinking of treating myself to a new guitar for my birthday.. A mustang/duosonic type used by John McLaughlin in the early days Fender Mustang MN SNB Or maybe this Fender Duo-Sonic Seafoam Green I'm thinking the green one. Although I havent finished looking yet
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    Interviews shminterviews

    This is unbelievable
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    Can we have a lol emoji in the reactions please?

    Is it too much to ask for in this day and age?
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    Is there any way to embed photos straight from Android?

    I can't seem to be able to point to the picture by using the embed picture widgerydoo.
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    Best solo songs/albums

    Whats the best solo songs or albums by dudes or dudettes in bands?
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    Alan Talks To Roger Daltrey

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    This has GOT to be staged

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    Whats everyone think of David McWilliams?

    The economist southsider dude. I think he's class. His podcast is excellent even though I don't understand a lot of it.
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    The Eleventh House Feat Larry Coryell

    For fans of freaky 70's fusion
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    The Thumped Story

    with Tom Hanks as Pete or maybe Tom Cruise
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    Incredible lyrics!

    Copy and paste lyrics you love. I'll start Outdoor Miner W.I.R.E. No blind spots in the leopard's eyes Can only help to jeopardize The lives of lambs, the shepherd cries An outdoor life for a silverfish Eternal dust less ticklish Than the clean room, a houseguest's wish He lies on his side...