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    Baum Guitars

    Baum guitars are handmade in Denmark and they are absolutely beautiful. A custom one costs stupid money but they are just about to launch their Korean made Original Series. They're doing a limited run / early sign up discount (before Friday) for anyone that's interested. Baum Guitars | Sign-up...
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    Jogging (album launch) w/ Grave Goods & Stupid Son

    Out on a Limb Records presents Jogging WHOLE HEART Album Launch plus support GRAVE GOODS & Stupid Son Bello Bar, Portobello, Dublin Sat 9th Nov, 8pm Tickets €10 or €20 w/ LP are available online from on sale Thur 3rd Oct, 12pm We are really excited...
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    Jogging - Loggerheads

    New Jogging track for your listening pleasure. We're very excited to share 'Loggerheads', from our new album "Whole Heart" due out on Out On A Limb Records 08.11.19 LISTEN HERE: PRE-ORDER: Available on limited edition vinyl and digital, you...
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    Carvin Amps are closing down after 70 years. I've never used one
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    NAMM 2017

    Well this is novel:
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    [Jun 10, 2017] HELMET + CPNHGN (Whelan's)

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    MRX Dyna Comp / Fender Blender / Peavey 210 & more

    Selling some stuff on Adverts presently....CLICK HERE MRX Dyna Comp Script Logo Compressor Fender Blender Octave Fuzz Peavey 210 Bass Body Boss DR3 Drum Machine Violin
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    New rules on Shipping Rosewood

    New CITES Regulations For All Rosewood Species Seemingly we're all going to need certs when shipping guitars with Rosewood in them. Which means applying for certs from the National Parks and Wildlife Service. Maple fretboards have just gotten a lot more attractive.
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    Cardboard Stratocaster

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    70's Fender Bassman 100 + Marshall 1960A 4x12

    For bass players or guitar players, Mid-70's Fender Bassman 100 head + Marshall 1960A 4x12
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    FS: First Act Sheena Limited Edition

    The big clear out has finally begun: First up: FIRST ACT SHEENA LIMITED EDITION more to follow.
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    Make & Do: Pedal Powersupply

    I have two Boss PSA power supplies with broken wires, I'm thinking about removing them from their housing and putting them in a case of their own so that I can use a kettle lead to plug them in (saving space) and then daisy chaining from there. My questions are... Is this the greatest Idea of...
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    Free Prog - Area (70's Italian Prog Rock) - This Friday

    70's Italian Prog Rock band AREA are playing a free gig in the Village this Friday. It seems to be some sort of promo for a eco festival in Italy. Anyway, FREE PROG!
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    Lite & The Physics House Band, Monday - Workman's

    Looking forward to this one: Lite & The Physics House Band, Monday - Workman's
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    The Coldspoon Conspiracy 'Plays well with others' 10th Anniversary

    Can you believe it?! 10 years ago today The Coldspoon Conspiracy launched 'Plays well with others'. It sold out of all physical copies at the time but now for the first time it's available digitally as a free download: The Coldspoon Conspiracy
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    3D Printing - Guitars

    Interesting to see what Fender are up to. Could lead to some wacky shit in the future.
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    I'm trying to buy a guitar in Ballymoney, Antrim, does any know anyone that's from there or travels through it regularly or could suggest a courier company in the North that would collect it?
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    Jaguar Thinline

    Nobody told me that Fender made a Jaguar Thinline!
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    What guitar is this?

    What guitar is this: On sale on DoneDeal here: It looks like it says Gibson but I've never seen one that has a neck through body design and the headstock is all wrong. It is shaped kinda like a Gibson/Epiphone Genesis though. Hmmmmm