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    i'm going to say - ireland are going to win. there. i'd say they're so gutted about saturday they may defend better. we always do better when a saturday match goes crap the following wednesday. i'm hoping against hope here, but surejaysus.
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    HWCH 2007

    Whether you like the festival or not, i find the FMC people are very helpful with information about stuff that a band mightn't know about, 'specially a thicko like me. Helped us loads, i thought. Nice folks too. I'd recommend it other bands, drop in for a chat. Hill-Walking Chocolate Hippos -...
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    Hi Ro, i recommend Tuscany. If you fly East Midlands - Pisa on Ryanair its cheap as chips. Pisa is beautiful, with the leaning tower, the field of miracles, and the amazing Piazzadel Duomo, and is beside the amazing City of Florence (culture and the quieter seaside paradise of Livorno. You...
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    locamotiv eirecore!!!

    ha, ye did indeed. fair play to the fella off the eirecore team who gave me a hand when i hurt my foot, much appreciated. K
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    Charity Football Tournament! Sign Up!

    dammit, i think we came last. fair play to explosions and the eirecore lads! :)
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    Charity Football Tournament! Sign Up!

    ouch. my studs caught in the astroturf when i turned around and i crumpled onto it. i'd like to say i gritted my teeth and played on, but fuck me it was sore. fair play to dermot who brought me to hospital. well done to the lads for organising it! K
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    Footie Compo Prize Scrounge

    jaffa cakes?
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    Joe O'Reilly

    Jaysus Punkrock, relax there would ye. no need for all that. anyway, 16 page pull-out thing in one of the papers on killer Joe, including an article named "FAT JOE" where you can see how he's got, eh fatter. its so thick...
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    Missing Cat Rathmines/Ranelagh

    :( hope sparky comes home!
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    Electric Picnic 2007 thread

    i kinda can't wait for this, last year was one of the funnest weekends ever. I'm going to have to do a bit of researchy, i don't know lots of bands on the bill at all. although its fun to wander into a tent and just listen. Also - i may finally go see Damien Dempsey. :)
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    Strange Brew Summer Shindig 3

    Really looking forward to this one... its only a week or so away! jesus, time flies. feels like yesterday we were last there... Cool to be part of really cool line up too! cheers Gugai!
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    Charity Football Tournament! Sign Up!

    G-ster! don't be upsetting people, i like my knees...* *and so do the ladies# #not true
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    i'll void YOU inaminute.. if i wasn't in a band that took up every minute of my life i'd love to do something music with you mister G, you're a talented fella, no doubt about it. :)
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    Charity Football Tournament

    this is deadly. do you need anymore help? can i play? K
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    General Election 24th May

    at the moment the prediction for dublin north -> 1FG, 1FF, 1G, 1 Soc is probably quite accurate, but i can see a lot of transfer swopping between the left, and not so much between the ff / fg camps. i'd say Joe Corr from greens might benefit hughly from transfers, and Brendan Ryan has to be in...
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    Hot politicos

    i'm surprised they photoshopped out those leaves.
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    General Election 24th May

    is anyone else going to sit and watch it all unfold tomorrow? i certainly will be.. i might not get out of my pj's..
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    Hot politicos

    lads! have ye not seen Ann Marie Martin? ah yeah.
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    Leeds United

    attendances will be down, and they'll have fuck all money and players. plus when you're a lower division team - the longer you stay there the harder it is to move up... having a decent history doesn't mean you're going to beat Yeovil away on a muddy pitch.
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    The Immediate Split

    such a shame. deadly band and sound lads.