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  1. pavlos

    Thread of bleakness

    Nigel the lonely gannet dies as he lived, surrounded by concrete birds "Department of Conservation ranger Chris Bell found Nigel’s body surrounded by his concrete friends." :(
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    Just came across this, a nifty site for browsing live radio streams around the world: Radio Garden
  3. pavlos

    Tickets For Sale Roadburn 2017 4 day ticket

    A series of unfortunate balls-ups means I can't go to this anymore, so looking to shift me ticket. Will let it go for €150, it cost me €198. It's an e-ticket.
  4. pavlos

    Safe As Milk Festival, Wales, April 2017

    This looks interesting, from the organisers of the Tusk Festival. The Quietus | News | Shirley Collins And More For Safe As Milk
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    The other threads on these lads aren't great, so I thought I'd start a new one. Any recommendations on the best entry point? I was going to pick up Mëkanïk Dëstruktïẁ Kömmandöh, but thouhght some of the fine minds on here might have an opinion...
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    Glasgow Music Doc

    Fairly short, but worth a look: Watch our full-length documentary The Outsiders | Dazed
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    New Earthless LP - From the Ages

    Couldn't see a thread for this, apologies if it's already been posted about. Not too gone on the artwork. Sounds good though.
  8. pavlos

    Swans, Button Factory, August 15th

    While looking for info on the Negative Approach show (cheers mooseI spotted this on umack's twatmaschine: I almost emoticoned
  9. pavlos

    White Hills back in April Great stuff! That show in Barrow street last year was one of the gigs of the year for me.
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    New Autechre album on the way

    "Exai" 2 hours and 32 seconds long.
  11. pavlos

    Malkmus plays Ege Bamyasi

    ... the other night in Cologne. See some of the results for yourself here: Apparently it's being released in full at some point. With Jaki and Irmin (and one of the dudes from his backing band):
  12. pavlos

    Broadcast - soundtrack to Peter Strickland film to be released on Warp

    I've not seen the film yet, it's meant to be great. Nice interview and mix here:
  13. pavlos

    Yo La Tengo - Vicar Street, 23rd March 2013

    Yes indeedy! Tickets not on sale yet, but looks like E26.50
  14. pavlos

    Lee Hazlewood 7" box set

    Out in November. There may be a few people interested on here. Nicely packaged.
  15. pavlos

    Boris playing Cork in December

    ...according to this: Any chance of a Dublin show, I wonder...?
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    Pinback lose/recover stolen bass during gig, don't know what happened there... stoopid keybored. Can you edit thread titles? You'd think I'd know by now... Good story though. Hurrah! ...fixed it...
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    Mitt Romney - Philo fan?

    Philo's mother: not a Mitt Romney fan.
  18. pavlos

    Vic Chesnutt documentary - It Is What It Is

    Stumbled across this by accident today.... Looks like there's a documentary of some kind on the way, this footage was recorded not long before he died, it would seem.
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    New Rangda

  20. pavlos

    Stanley Kubrick’s Very First Films: Three Short Documentaries (link robbed from @foggynotions twitter)