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  1. ron

    Cross the tracks festival (Brixton), Sept 5

    Howya, I have 4 tickets to sell. Face value is 70 quid plus booking fee. i'll sell for 40 quid each. Drop me a message if interested.
  2. ron


    Can anyone recommend a chromebook with a non-clunky touchpad? I've a newish HP chromebook and the touchpad is f%%king horrific and tiring. My last Dell laptop had a rolls royce touch pad by comparison.
  3. ron

    Postage delays & Discogs

    Hello I sent cds to a buyer in Austria on May 8 - he's claims to not have received them and wants a refund. I told him postage has been severely disrupted and that he needs to be patient. If he's been honest, that's 7 weeks without delivery. Anyone else have similar experience? Cheers
  4. ron

    Comprehensive list of Record shops in Ireland (all island) 2016

    So I'm looking to compile a definitive list (niche or mainstream), as I'll be doing some work again for a UK distributor (cd and vinyl). I'll start the ball rolling with Plugd (Cork), Rollercoaster (Kilkenny), Tower, Bell Book & Candle (Galway), Sick Records (Belfast), Cool Discs (Derry) So...
  5. ron


    Is there a gig guide?? Where can I buy records? Any other ideas?
  6. ron

    Calling all Liverpool fans - Beating Berlusconi - Irish Tour, May 1 - 5

    Beating Berlusconi Irish Tour, May 1 - 5 April 6th, 7th - Epstein Theatre, Liverpool May 1st – An Grianan, Letterkenny click here May 2nd – Ballina Arts Centre, Mayo click here May 3rd - Theatre Royal, Waterford click here May 4th – Nenagh Arts Centre, Tipperary click here May 5th – Everyman...
  7. ron


    Decent boozers? Things to do in city and county? If you want to be vetted try Mc Lysaghts pub on Mulgrave st, where you buzz only for a little window to open. Prepare for a mini interrogation. Unique.
  8. ron

    I have 2 free tickets for Shackleton tonight

    pm me
  9. ron

    Poznan and Gdansk for the Euros 2012

    As a big footie fan, I took the plunge to head over for the first two games.... chance may never arise again. Recommendattions for bars, record shops, accomodation, places to eat, things to do in Poznan and Gdansk would be great. Thx
  10. ron

    Anti Hangover drinks

    So, have a mate who suffers from ferocious hangovers (the day afte the night before, he mightn't get out of the bed till after 6). We've a night organised down the country two days before he leaves these shores for Canada. Anything he can take before a nights drinking that will have him in...
  11. ron

    Jim Carroll email?

    For Irish Times Ticket listings, Thanks
  12. ron

    Carla Bozulich & Massimo Puppilo in Belfast Oct 21

    Opening band: Cave Dublin show?
  13. ron

    Cathal Coughlan September dates (full band and solo)

    Bush Hall, London - Sept 7 Whelans - Sept 11 Pavillion, Cork - Sept 12 On FacheAche .|..|;):o
  14. ron

    Attention Drummers: Bernard Purdie in Dublin August 21

    Bernard Purdie is giving a materclass in John Field Room of National Concert Hall Aug 21. Click here
  15. ron

    Mark Feldman & Sylvie Courvoisier

    Did anyone go see them in Galway, Dublin or Cork? Thx
  16. ron

    Tanya Taqaq playing Festival of World Culture July 22

    She's supposed to be mazin altogether! Visit Tanya
  17. ron

    All City Dublin label

    releasing a split ep a month throughout the year...Anyone know anything bout this label? Thx
  18. ron

    Check out this 12 yr old whipper snapper on guitar!

    Andreas Varady @Kielys of Mount Merrion, Dublin Sun 6th June @ 6.30pm Andreas Varady is a 12 year old jazz guitar child prodigy. He has recently won a scholarship to study at the prestigious Skidmore Jazz institute in New York making him the youngest musician to be accepted there. Think...
  19. ron

    Pubs in derry

    Pls recommend! Danke!
  20. ron

    Bray Jazz (Apr 30 - May 2) Trio Corrente (Brazil) & Cissokho System (Senegal)

    Both well worth checking out Or visit Trio Corrente and Bray Jazz for full festival program