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  1. piratio

    A little video of us supporting Jesu at FutureEverything in Manchester

    :) - We'll be home soon doing gigs, so hope you lot can come a fling poo :)
  2. piratio

    Yay! My first Vinyl, released earlier today! DeadFader - Autumn Rot

    Very happy. Not gonna say more in case Andy laughs at me. .|..|.|..|.|..| Buy on Boomkat!. Here's our MySpace and Soundcloud if you prefer... Ta!
  3. piratio

    New Dead Fader tunes

    Just a little spamming :) This is Got IBS.
  4. piratio

    New Releases on Open Music (OPN006-012)

    Just wanted to make you aware of new releases on Open Music. Enjoy! Please links us around, blah on myspace, share on facebook, buggle the spam horns--- thanks!!!! Barry .|..|.|..|.|..| .............................................................................. Open is an open-source music...
  5. piratio

    Happy Christmas Andy.

  6. piratio

    Gigs wanted.

    Hi All, DeadFader is a band I'm in. We wanted to do a few gigs in March around Ireland. Below is a mediafire download of a live gig in london last month and a myspace link. It's really distorted bassy music to dance to. Live Set // MySpace PM me if you want, cheers. Barry
  7. piratio

    My new free label.

    Hi all. This is my new free label. Check it out, download some stuff and share it around. Features two Irish acts The Last Sound - Frieze SteveD - Subjecktive Enjoy. B
  8. piratio

    Making a good impression in a new job...

    Working as a designer for a playstation developer. Not in the job long. Was asked to make trophies for in-game achievements. Imagine my surprise to find out later on a gamer's forum that one of them was a goatse. :eek: :eek: :eek: Noice.
  9. piratio

    Merzbow albums...

    Want to get a little more... [I already have Merzbox and a few collabs.] Ideas?
  10. piratio

    Janine Evans back from the dead!!!!

    ... or at least, she could be... if you act now! Janine Throws Barry off a cliff!
  11. piratio

    The Daily Show Online

    Jon Stewart used to make up a huge part of my 'daily' :p routine. Now that they've re-designed the site and made it almost impossible to watch it, between the over-complicated UI and the terrible Flash player that is guaranteed to grind to a halt for some reaon after watching more than 4 or 5...
  12. piratio

    Prick stole my video!

    Okay, so before I go off on one, all the clips I used are sampled from another movie, so I don't know if I've got much to go on, but I don't give a shit! This cunt stole my video and has refused to put credits up when I asked him nicely. I reported him to YouTube, no reply. I sent him an email...
  13. piratio


    New music from DeadFader, now on the sexy new myspace. If you like these tunes, we'll be playing with ItalTek at Electric Underground, Dec 28th. that is all...
  14. piratio

    Skinny Wolves Artwork

    Loving these regularly. Who does them? .|..|.|..|.|..|.|..|.|..|
  15. piratio

    Mommy, Why do the terrorists wanna hurt me?

    O.M.Jihad! Barry
  16. piratio

    Captain Planet Saves Belfast

    Kickin the Fenian Prods out of Belfast....
  17. piratio

    Remixes / Re-edits

    26th Floor [Into The Dirt Remix] // Aoki Takamasa + Tujiko Noriko The Seeker [Ask Piratio Remix] // The Who Data.Reflex [Convex Remix] // Ryoji Ikeda Ankle Injuries [My Dad's Stash Remix] // Fujiya Miyagi Waste *Still to Come once I figure out who to pass MySpace's 4 MP3 limit: Wake Up With...
  18. piratio

    Dead Man Walking. This has probably been on here before but I love reading it again!

    Take some time out of your day to read the whole tribute. It's hilarious!
  19. piratio

    Figments of the collective imagination?

    How many of you have I met for real?
  20. piratio

    Timo is turning into Bob Geldof???