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  1. JohnnyRaz

    weyes blood - the innocents

    some odd folk for yis all
  2. JohnnyRaz

    desktop/mini amps

    any experience or thoughts? bod coming round to try out a guitar I was selling last night brought a little boss katana - actually sounded decent enough
  3. JohnnyRaz


    probably a thread on this already... but... certain sense of inevitability that this would happen from the start - its been the experience of pretty much any foreign intervention in that country since the 1800s' that at best they achieve nothing, at worst they get their arses handed to them...
  4. JohnnyRaz

    Reliced guitars - why?

    The question is in the title - I know guitars are all about merchandising even the most minute details of the past in a near mystical quest for imperceptible differences in tone, but I’ve really never understood the whole relic thing…. What’s the thoughts of people here
  5. JohnnyRaz

    thumped=sausage fest

    are there any/many females posting on thumped regularly these days? this thought occurred to me as I fell asleep last night...
  6. JohnnyRaz

    I think I'm coming round to the stratocaster

    In my youth pretty much the only guitars available were shitty strat copies. A man with a banjaxed korean squire was a king amongst plebs. I then began to associate strats with middle aged blues-rock wank. Not for a funky monkey like the 20-something me. This was despite my actually owning a...
  7. JohnnyRaz

    Parts built sg

    Parts built sg - on adverts here - nice little guitar with good quality additions Sg Parts Built For Sale in Marino, Dublin from dlr records Open to reasonable offers/trades
  8. JohnnyRaz

    this is fucking hilarious
  9. JohnnyRaz

    cold/15 mins of slippy fame

    this day 11 years ago, a humble man became a national hero
  10. JohnnyRaz

    hanging guitars on wall -

    In my wild youth musical instruments were there to be left under beds or abandoned in dank rehearsal room when not in immediate use. Guitars hung on walls were what sad middle aged centrist dad's did when the height of their rockin days were behind them. Following on having work done on the...
  11. JohnnyRaz

    guitar repair/refret recommendations

    folks - have a guitar that needs love and attention beyond my ability to provide it. specifically, after 12 years and a main instrument for 3 bands it needs some fretwork (second fret dead on the treble side). were it electrics or wookwork I'd tinker at it myself, but even I'm not stupid...
  12. JohnnyRaz

    question for current public/civil servants

    PS/CS folks - whats the current deal with increments? i worked in the PS for many years but was never actually entitled to them due to nature of contract. I understand they froze them over the last crash, and then reinstated them at 18mth intervals? are they still are 18 month intervals or is...
  13. JohnnyRaz

    sony a 6000 and lenses for sale

    may be of interest to some peeps - will obvs do a deal for the whole bunch. great little kit - PM if interested.. Sony 60mm 28 Art For Sony E Mount For Sale in Marino, Dublin from dlr records Sigma Art 19mm 28 Sony E Mount For Sale in Marino, Dublin from dlr records Sony A6000 Sigma 30mm 28...
  14. JohnnyRaz

    facebook ate my brain

    I deleted the facebook app from my phone yesterday. i feel like my brain has been liberated. fuck facebook. yours j. raz
  15. JohnnyRaz

    horslips question

    something Ive been trying to find. the melody played as the intro to trouble with a capital t - what is it? is it one of o'carolan's planxties?
  16. JohnnyRaz

    Where would one get ones hands on a few pallets? (non-hipster/halloween/glorious 12th reason)

    where would one get ones hands on a few pallets (non-hipster/halloween/glorious 12th reason)
  17. JohnnyRaz

    walton's georges st closing/moving to blanch

    end of an era, I remember when this was all just fields etc... soon to be replaced by a cafe/bar selling cocktails served from cats arses or something no doubt. waltons nostalgia inserted below..
  18. JohnnyRaz

    its friday, work is finishing, and i'm going on the beer like it was 2005

    thats it. see ya next week
  19. JohnnyRaz

    sending out crap for review - suggestions

    gentlefolk - is sending out physical copies of CD/Tape/wax cylinders to journos/bloggers much of thing anymore? if so any suggestions of who/where is worth kicking it on to? (as opposed to just emailing links - but that too) we all know 90% will just go in the bin, but I've been tilting at...
  20. JohnnyRaz

    band for launch gig(s) - folk-rockish oddments..

    probably on a hiding to nothing here, buh.. Ive been working on an album over the past while (a concept album no less), which is now ready to meet the world. As such I'd like to do a fe gig around the launch, as such I'd like to get a band together.. you can listen to album here.. its a...