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  1. piratio

    Neil Landstrumm (Planet Mu/Tresor) / Deadfader / Prince Kong - 29th October - Cork

    Re: Neil Landstrumm (Planet Mu/Tresor) / Deadfader / Prince Kong - 29th October - Cor Really looking forward to this! From a recent live set.
  2. piratio

    Neil Landstrumm/Dead Fader/Prince Kong - Fri 29th Oct - CORK

    Really looking forward to this! Sample of one of our recent live sets :) We'll also be rocking the halloween tunes in the Bierhaus on Sunday!
  3. piratio

    A little video of us supporting Jesu at FutureEverything in Manchester

    :) - We'll be home soon doing gigs, so hope you lot can come a fling poo :)
  4. piratio

    Dead Fader - Corrupt My Examiner

    Wicked mate, thanks!
  5. piratio

    Yay! My first Vinyl, released earlier today! DeadFader - Autumn Rot

    Very happy. Not gonna say more in case Andy laughs at me. .|..|.|..|.|..| Buy on Boomkat!. Here's our MySpace and Soundcloud if you prefer... Ta!
  6. piratio

    New Dead Fader tunes

    Just a little spamming :) This is Got IBS.
  7. piratio

    New Releases on Open Music (OPN006-012)

    Biddely Bump!
  8. piratio

    New Releases on Open Music (OPN006-012)

    Just wanted to make you aware of new releases on Open Music. Enjoy! Please links us around, blah on myspace, share on facebook, buggle the spam horns--- thanks!!!! Barry .|..|.|..|.|..| .............................................................................. Open is an open-source music...
  9. piratio

    Happy Christmas Andy.

  10. piratio

    Gigs wanted.

  11. piratio

    Add N TO (X)

    Wrong! Love this.
  12. piratio

    Add N TO (X)

    Total out of Water [It's on Loud like Nature or Add Insult to Injury, can't remember] is the tune that sealed the deal for me - Yes, electronic stuff can actually be heavy! Avoid Avant Harde. Don't let the awesome title fool you. It's dross.
  13. piratio

    First ever gig

    Metallica & Corrosion of Conformity at the Point, 96, tripping balls on my first magic mushroom taste. Glorious.
  14. piratio

    Gigs wanted.

    Hi All, DeadFader is a band I'm in. We wanted to do a few gigs in March around Ireland. Below is a mediafire download of a live gig in london last month and a myspace link. It's really distorted bassy music to dance to. Live Set // MySpace PM me if you want, cheers. Barry
  15. piratio

    My new free label.

    Alright Ooots. Not really... mmm... It's Red? Net-Lab is still operational, just not with me anymore. Grab some free stuff! The Last Sound is my favourite release at the moment, but we've got some amazing ones on the horizon. Keep on it. B
  16. piratio

    My new free label.

    Hi all. This is my new free label. Check it out, download some stuff and share it around. Features two Irish acts The Last Sound - Frieze SteveD - Subjecktive Enjoy. B
  17. piratio

    Making a good impression in a new job...

    Working as a designer for a playstation developer. Not in the job long. Was asked to make trophies for in-game achievements. Imagine my surprise to find out later on a gamer's forum that one of them was a goatse. :eek: :eek: :eek: Noice.
  18. piratio

    Merzbow albums...

    Want to get a little more... [I already have Merzbox and a few collabs.] Ideas?
  19. piratio

    removing embedded images from a word doc

    copy and paste is the only way to do it right. Photoshop will even pick up on the size of the image from the clipboard so you don't have to crop it. Print Screen isn't as reliable because the image may be resized within word. I fucking hate people who send images wrapped in .docs. Pricks!