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  1. Richie

    Fairweather Sports Tourist Thread

    That last 6 minutes was essentially a dictionary definition of the word 'sickener'.. Some of the young lads look quite promising. I wish Aaron Connolly would stop going to ground looking for penalties the whole time. Maybe Kenny should have brought subs on earlier.
  2. Richie

    Climate change global warming natural disaster freak weather etc.

    I’m normally deeply suspicious of the output of ‘think tanks’ but the paper discussed in this video does seem to present a semi plausible path for humanity to veer away from the environmental precipice (within the constrictions of existing capitalist systems), if anybody Is looking for reasons...
  3. Richie

    Fairweather Sports Tourist Thread

    If you think there are too many sports in it now, they used to have an Art category including things like painting and town planning (between 1928 and 1948): Jack B Yeats won a Silver Olympic medal for that Liffey swim...
  4. Richie

    miscellaneous movie trivia and stuff

    He successfully sued the studio after BTTF II for $760k for using his likeness without consent, which led to a strengthening of actor's image rights generally, so fair play to him..
  5. Richie

    miscellaneous movie trivia and stuff

    I guess this is well known, but having recently listened to the Blank Check podcast episode about the first Back to the Future, I didn't realize they had shot a pretty big chunk of the movie with a different lead actor (Eric Stoltz) prior to Michael J Fox coming on board. From the handful of...
  6. Richie

    2020-21 Football thread

    To stick my neck out a bit, I reckon England to win this evening (let's say 2-1 in normal time), then to get complacent and lose unexpectedly to either Sweden (quarters) or Denmark (semi).
  7. Richie

    General election 2020

    Bacik is polling quite well apparently, would be a bit of a turn up if Labour snuck in there.
  8. Richie

    2020-21 Football thread

    One of the most crazily enjoyable days of knockout football in a very long time. Really didn't think Switzerland had that in them. I can finally forgive them for having sat through that 0-0 draw with Ukraine in the 2006 World Cup now (a.k.a 2 hours that made you wish football had never been...
  9. Richie


    Jeremy Gilbert on the Politics Theory Other podcast has a pretty good take on the Corbyn era and Labour's current travails, I reckon:
  10. Richie

    2020-21 Football thread

    16 teams was perfect, they never reduce these things back down once they've expanded them though. There aren't really any properly elegant 24 team tournament structures.. The 1982 World Cup format with the second group stage would avoid the 3rd place teams going through but that 2nd group stage...
  11. Richie

    2020-21 Football thread

    Can't help bearing a football grudge against the Danes for the string of humbling/torporific encounters against us over the last few years but fair play to them for demolishing Russia after the Eriksen thing and all.. Wales v Denmark should be a fun fixture. 24 teams almost inevitably results in...
  12. Richie

    2020-21 Football thread

    Were England that bothered? Winning that group would give them the booby prize of a (probably) Portugal or Germany fixture in round 2, I'd say they'd be happy enough to play out another draw against the Czechs and let them take 1st place. That said, Scotland were fairly impressive alright...
  13. Richie

    2020-21 Football thread

    That 2nd Schick goal is especially mental when you see it from behind the goal:
  14. Richie

    Celebrity Creeps Thread

    I think they're splintering off into their own non-mainstream media outlets these days, like the 'Gript' dicks.
  15. Richie

    People Who Died

    Alan McLoughlin, of Windsor Park November 1993 fame, fecking cancer unfortunately: Alan McLoughlin, hero of Ireland's '94 World Cup qualifying campaign, dies at 54
  16. Richie

    2020-21 Football thread

    They should run the Super League every year as a hypothetical tournament, it can be like a game of football administrator poker, the last team left in it after all others have withdrawn due to fan outrage gets the prize by default.
  17. Richie

    What television series are you currently making your way through?

    Great little show.. could deffo have done a 3rd season but at the same time I'm kind of glad it got chopped before it got endlessly run into the ground like every other semi-successful U.S. TV product.
  18. Richie

    2020-21 Football thread

    I wholeheartedly support what Kenny is trying to do, though there are only vague glimmers so far (bits of the Slovakia and Serbia games, really) to suggest that he might be able to actually pull it off. Ideally you would bring a manager with that sort of ambition in at the end of a 10-15 year...
  19. Richie

    I want to find an old comedy clip from the 80s

    Might be worth asking on this site (UK comedy forum): Comedy Chat
  20. Richie

    Interesting Buildings

    Jonny Ronan's go-to strategy historically was to make an obnoxiously over-scaled opening bid planning application that's twice the height he thinks he'll actually get permission for as a bargaining strategy with the planners, I assumed that's what this thing was about.. Though it may well be...