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  1. JohnnyRaz

    weyes blood - the innocents

    I'm taking a guess its this song has you making the link to the zombies? her later stuff is a good deal popier in places, but the 6os pastiche of that song isn't hugely representative of the rest of it. the below has become one of my favorite's
  2. JohnnyRaz

    Wire - 154 (1979)

    well if we're broadening the scope to artistic, visual and fashion cues - but not necessarily sound-a-like what about the new romantics? don't disagree with the general 'looking backwards argument' btw
  3. JohnnyRaz

    Garth Brooks “No Fences”

    i read this as no feces
  4. JohnnyRaz

    Major Pleasures

    yeah - some of the same tracks keep popping up again and again
  5. JohnnyRaz


    the irish times ads - 'because you get it' are they actually trying to turn young people off, or hoping to tap into the innate sense of superiority Irish Times readers supposedly possess??
  6. JohnnyRaz

    weyes blood - the innocents

    some voice on her
  7. JohnnyRaz

    Building a guitar kit

    @GO part for your partscaster? Tele Bridge Pickup Donlis Hot Alnico 2 For Sale in Marino, Dublin from dlr records
  8. JohnnyRaz

    Thread for wacky shit.

    I really like this idea. Would love to have the woodwork wherewithal/tools to make one for myself
  9. JohnnyRaz

    Metallica - The Black Album

    Me as well - not from end to end at least.
  10. JohnnyRaz

    Women's clothes

    It has ended in tears - mrs raz dies not feel the need to hide her displeasure @egg_ why don’t you buy her the Metallica box set instead?
  11. JohnnyRaz

    I'm going to try a new thing.

    So at least one fur coat?
  12. JohnnyRaz

    I'm going to try a new thing.

    Ah but just wait for the exchange value of your crypto currency holding shoots up. You’ll be all fur coats and krystal this time next year
  13. JohnnyRaz

    Metallica - The Black Album

    aha - got it
  14. JohnnyRaz

    weyes blood - the innocents

    some odd folk for yis all
  15. JohnnyRaz

    Metallica - The Black Album

    whats this? idiot explainer for someone who no longer haunts social media to any great extent please
  16. JohnnyRaz

    Green Lung - Woodland Rites

    sure why not... they're no elastica mind
  17. JohnnyRaz

    Women's clothes

    thats deadly. I've spent a long time explaining how 'well' works in rural ireland to my dublin born wife
  18. JohnnyRaz

    scary guy at my door

    But the real question is - where is that scary guy now.
  19. JohnnyRaz

    Hellworld Thread

    Ah yes. Where is he now? Probably rolling in a pile of Bitcoin eating all 7 of pastries you have to try this weekend
  20. JohnnyRaz

    Hellworld Thread

    This is still going: What was the name of your man who set it up again?