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  1. J

    Chuck Bicuits RIP

    ah balls. its OK though I think I can change the second 0 to a 1 or a 2....
  2. J

    Chuck Bicuits RIP

    given the amount of Danzig reverence over the weekend in Cork, this has genuinely saddened me.
  3. J

    DOOM101 Cork October Weekend 23rd-24th

    I know what you mean. I'm still a bit shaky today. Somewhere along the line I think I was involved in the horn shennigans. Bits and pieces of crazyness are coming back to me all week.... like sharing a bottle of buckfast outside the bar, which went in about 5 minutes! You'd think that...
  4. J

    DOOM101 Cork October Weekend 23rd-24th

    grand job decy. those photo's aren't as bad as I thought they were gonna be. as long as no-one videoed anything I'm probably in the clear. work is wrecking my buzz today though. jaysus.
  5. J

    DOOM101 Cork October Weekend 23rd-24th

    here lads... y'know how the death metallers are all about the burying clothes in the back yard for a while so they get all rotten and smell of 'death'... I appear to have replicated that odour without the need to bury my clothes! sweet. so. deadly buzzes all round. special mention goes to...
  6. J

    DeNov got signed??!

    I hear mackle has signed an exclusive deal with Gay Times magazine for a full 8 page photo spread of him in his bear outfit.... speaking of Mackle and/or DeNovissimus.... Houli - Sorry for not getting back on the gig ask. Unfortunately things are a little hectic in the Slo world these...
  7. J

    Rockfest III: Estel, Zafaranchos, Council Of Tanith....

    maps are for losers. razors, on the other hand.....
  8. J

    Rockfest III: Estel, Zafaranchos, Council Of Tanith....

    might stall down for this. I hear sexbat need a new vocalist anyway. and this is on too. bikes, rock, drunkenness. its all deadly! J PS. where the cripple is the Tap? actually, where is nth king street?
  9. J

    The Rock

    damnit Edser. I thought this was going to be about yer man from 'the mummy'...... not that that would have been any more interesting.....
  10. J

    So the world IS ending AND we're all actually fukked!!

    shit buzz..... prick. fuck 'im. lets do it anyway. I've been practicing me drawin' n' all.
  11. J

    Sat Oct 11th - Elbastardo, De Novisimus, Realistic Train, Chirps @ lower deck

    there may have been an acapella version twist of cain at some point.
  12. J

    Sat Oct 11th - Elbastardo, De Novisimus, Realistic Train, Chirps @ lower deck

    jaysus. things got a bit messy last night. thanks to whoever put me to bed. I was still fairly bulbed getting the bus this morning. some woman sat down beside me and lasted about 2 minutes before she had to move with the bang 'a booze off me. i had a quick snooze and woke up with a mad case...
  13. J


    morgans spiced. sorry - must have been my goofy accent. its pretty much yer straight out of the bottle spiced rum, but I find it a little less sickly sweet than sailor jerry. goes really well with ginger ale. got some left too if you're around tonight JG. gonna try and find me some hangover...
  14. J

    highest bands in ireland split 7" single launch in cork

    yeah. surely De Novissimus are the highest band....
  15. J

    Slomatics, De Nov, Seadog, Drainland, Erode You - Cork 22/9

    there you have it folks. fans of the rock and/or members of the drug squad should be makin' their way to cork this weekend. I can't make it this year. I've been replaced by a guy in a gorilla suit. its the new thing apparently. but hang on... aren't the schools back? don't 'I Rode You'...
  16. J

    Hey Colossus....hates you..

    great band. supposedly playing here in the spring. anyone confirm?
  17. J

    Releases coming out in 2007?

    Slomatics 2nd CD should be out in the spring followed by a split 10" with Like a Kind of Matador. Also talk of putting out a Thorbourne ep. Snooker influenced grind. nice.
  18. J

    party with melvins, flipper & big business (sat dec 16)

    Mackle won't ban me... he loves me! oh.. hang on.....that might be the other way round....
  19. J

    party with melvins, flipper & big business (sat dec 16)

    mine says 'brianoak loves the cock'. ah no. it doesn't. I wish I'd thought of something witty and clever instead of my initials.....
  20. J

    party with melvins, flipper & big business (sat dec 16)

    so. my tickets arrived today. It says Melvins, Big Business, Flipper and Porn. After a while it occured to me that it might be the band 'Porn' featuring Billy Anderson and not some hardcore, barely legal porno. I was both happy and dissappointed at the same time.