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  1. Jimmy Magee

    Is it still socially acceptable to post gig stuff to here?

    I shure hope so, because I'm here to tell youse that these here bands are playing in Anseo on Sunday night (7th Apron), courtesy of Hefty Horse... some random permutation or other...
  2. Jimmy Magee

    Is it still socially acceptable to post gig stuff to here?

    I shure hope so, because I'm here to tell youse that these here bands are playing in Anseo on Sunday night (7th Apron), courtesy of Hefty Horse... some random permutation or other...
  3. Jimmy Magee

    Michael Knight Tower Instore Fri May 2

    That's tomorrow/today folks, 5pm, especially for those who can't make the Sathurday gig...I wonder what other crap I should fill this post out with....(thinks)
  4. Jimmy Magee

    Michael Knight Album Launch May 3rd Sugar Club

    Erm...right now, there's not much to add apart from what's in the title, and that it's 10 euro, and that the album's called "I'm Not Entirely Clear How I Ended Up Like This". But more info to follow...
  5. Jimmy Magee

    Thumped People of London: A Michael Knight Gig

    For any London Thumped people who might be interested, Michael Knight is playing in London next Friday. Fortuna POP! presents The Beat Hotel with Soda Fountain Rag + Spencer McGarry Season + Michael Knight + Sweet Baboo and Fortuna POP! DJs playing indiepop, punk, 60s psych and northern soul...
  6. Jimmy Magee

    Does anyone have a phonebox outside their bedroom window?

    Hi me lovelies. As requested. I guess, implied by this question, are you willing to allow photos to be taken from there? Not much $$$ to offer, but many many kudos/fame/glory and whatnot. xxx
  7. Jimmy Magee

    Drum kit rental

    Yello Does anyone know of decent drum kit rental options? Or, alternatively, if someone is feeling kind, does anyone have a nice drum kit they'd be willing to lend Michael Knight for a recording session? We could work out a $$$ arrangement R
  8. Jimmy Magee

    Ham Sandwich & Michael Knight in Whelan's, Sat 23rd

    All you good good people, listen to me (hope youse enjoy the reference): this Saturday, Michael Knight will be providing some of the filling for Ham Sandwich, that is to say, supporting them, as they launch their third single, "Words" in Whelan's, Dublin. Also playing are Lord of the Black...
  9. Jimmy Magee

    DVD to avi/mpg

    I'm sure this has been mentioned before...but couldnae find it. Any decent free software to do this that folks would recommend? ALSO I've tried a few freeware dealies to do so...but they've caused problems with sound - it comes out all distorted - but it sounds fine on the dvd itself - is...
  10. Jimmy Magee

    Digital video formats

    Anyone any idea how one (i.e. me) might transfer from DVD onto one of these tape formats? DVCam, Mini DV, Beta SP or Digibeta Thankely
  11. Jimmy Magee

    Neosupervital/Stellarband/Michael Knight/My Brother Woody

    Young People of Mireland, It's been a while (January, to be vaguely more precise). This little circular thus serves to inform you of the following good, excellent, beatific news: Friday May 19th Neosupervital Stellarband Michael Knight My Brother Woody Sugar Club, Leeson Street, Dublin 2 10...
  12. Jimmy Magee

    Hot Press Subscribers...

    ...if such browse these here parts... Could you post up this article for the purposes of pleasuring my vanity? Ta
  13. Jimmy Magee

    Cassette tapery japery

    Hi folks, I've a big drawerful of old now unused cassette tapes the space for which I'd like to reclaim for there any place in the duberlin area that accepts such things (I'm guessing not, seeing as you can't even really buy the things any more)...but thought I'd ask anyway.
  14. Jimmy Magee

    Michael Knight Crawdaddy January 19th

    Hello all The purpose of this post, if indeed posts can be said to have a "point" or "purpose", or display the "intelligent design" of some "prime mover", is to tell you the following precise information, but in as annoying and roundabout a manner as possible: Michael Knight (solo-ish)...
  15. Jimmy Magee

    Pro Tools compatibilty

    I'm planning to do some recording in various places, so I wants an idea of what protools sessions can be transferred to where - which versions are compatible with which? Hugs & kisses
  16. Jimmy Magee

    Belfasht folk

    Cunning thread title this...if I'd given the full details none o youse would have read it, no doubt Anytheways...Michael Knight are playing Auntie Annie's with Delaware this Sunday. Yes THIS SUNDAY. That's sort of all.
  17. Jimmy Magee


    Anyone fancy a quick translate for me? I have nothing to offer you but my love... I have the gist of it from an automatic translation, but I'd like the real deal, if some generous soul wishes to show off how polyglot they is
  18. Jimmy Magee

    Michael Knight + Galway - 22nd Oct = Maximum SuperFun

    In Richardson's Support from Groom and Rustic Tacki That's sorta it mp3s an the like at
  19. Jimmy Magee

    Bandicoot Promotions

    Is he still on the go?
  20. Jimmy Magee

    Michael Knight Tralee/Limerick axis of evil

    Hidely-ho, if there be anyone in the vicinty of either of these two fine urban areas, Michael Knight are playing in Tralee tonight (29) in the Greyhound ( and tomorrey night (30) in Riddler's in Luimneach (the latter with Hatch77) Blah blah