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  1. theweeyin

    Huge penis on the roof

    Hilarious! I hope it makes it on to google maps...
  2. theweeyin

    Google gone mad?

    I'm trying to use google this afternoon but every time I search for something, unless I click on a sponsored link, every single result has a "this site may harm your computer" warning. I haven't changed my security settings or anything. Is it just me, or is it happening to anyone else.....?
  3. theweeyin

    Ernesto in paypal fraud scam?

    I've just received a phishing email from someone claiming to be paypal. Interestingly the link, which I haven't clicked on, is as follows: "It has come to our attention that your Paypal account has been accessed by...
  4. theweeyin

    Fucking big queen wasp bastard

    Just had a wasp emergency in my room. All good now, it's been beaten. Is it time for these pricks to start re-emerging?
  5. theweeyin

    6 Nations 2008

    So, who's it going to be this year??
  6. theweeyin

    Italian Speakers??

    Is anyone here quite good at italian? I am singing a piece in February and need a translation from italian to english. Anyone think they would be able to do it? Kthxbi :)
  7. theweeyin

    New Series of ER

    Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! Anyone else feeling the buzz?
  8. theweeyin

    Relationships - what is the point?

    I have been musing this whilst I have been single and I'm not really sure there is a point. But maybe that's just because I'm single. Enlighten me please.
  9. theweeyin

    Secrets that you've kept from your parents

    Smoking.....gonna go and have a crafty one now in fact. Ooooh, it feels dangerous!
  10. theweeyin


    Well? Anyone had spam? Is it really making a come back? What does it taste like? What can you do with it?
  11. theweeyin

    Sociable Drinking

    So I'm thinking it is about time that we had a Thumped Sociable Drinking session. How is the 4th August, in Dublin, for you scallywags?
  12. theweeyin

    It's the holidays....

    .....and I'm BORED! Suggestions please?!??!
  13. theweeyin


    How come Bulmers is getting advertised and sold in the UK, aswell as Magners? Surely they're the same thing?
  14. theweeyin

    Terrorist happenings in the UK

    Oh dear Breaking news: and yesterday:
  15. theweeyin

    Are you tone deaf?

    Try this to find out. Post your percentages here!
  16. theweeyin

    Sea organ - a pipe organ played by the sea.

    Exactly what is says on the title
  17. theweeyin

    What do you pricks do when you're not on Thumped?

  18. theweeyin

    First undersea restaurant

    Sounds exciting!
  19. theweeyin

    B.E.A.utiful weather

    It is gorgeous out here! I'm sitting in the garden, it's pimms o'clock and I'm soaking up the rays...gonna get me a healthy tan this year. I love wireless internet. But scorchio summer on the way?? *Sunshine and beer emoticons please mr. pete*
  20. theweeyin

    New wee things on thumped

    The welcome box now tells me how many unread posts there have been since my last visit. I'm not sure how useful this will be but it's kinda cool all the same.