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  1. hugh


    Anyone got recommendations for tattooists in Dublin? I'm thinking of getting inked ...
  2. hugh


    I know some of you are subscribers to Mubi so maybe we could have a thread about it. Things you've watched on it recently, recommendations etc. I signed up back in March and was very impressed. Was also blown away by the Library thing they unveiled a few weeks ago. But I'm a little irked now...
  3. hugh

    Sugar Club Under 18s?

    Anyone know if the Sugar Club are ok with bringing teenagers to gigs? Jazz thing on there on Wednesday night that the young 'un would like to go to.
  4. hugh

    Guitars on Aeroplanes

    I know there's an old thread about this but thought I would start a new one. Anyone brought a guitar on an aeroplane recently? Specifically Aer Lingus? Options seem to be: (a) book a seat for it (b) check it in as musical equipment in hard case (40 quid each way). Will it get fucked up with...
  5. hugh

    The Wormholes w. Zeropunkt, Soft On Crime and DJ PCP

    Zeropunkt: 9.15-9.45 Soft on Crime: 10.00-10.30 Wormholes: 10.45-11.45 DJ PCP aka Homoludo: 11.45-12.30 Door Charge: E8 / Tickets on the door Spread the word.
  6. hugh

    Kids at NCH concerts

    Does anyone know if it's cool to bring kids (well an 11-year old) to concerts at the NCH? I don't mean the kid-oriented stuff, I mean a regular one (The Gloaming in this case).
  7. hugh

    Traces Of The Real aka My Photographs

    As most of you who know me know I have spent a lot of time over the last few years going to gigs and photographing them using long exposures on a large format film camera. Apologies for the shameless self promotion but I made an online shop through which one can purchase fancy-ass fine art...
  8. hugh


    'a beautifully shot, well acted, and thoughtful science fiction movie' - Hugh McCabe on Dennis Villeneuve's Arrival Read the whole post here.
  9. hugh

    War Dogs

    "We’re still waiting for a film that does any justice to the catastrophic follies of the Bush administration’s military adventures and War Dogs is certainly not it" - Hugh McCabe on War Dogs Read the whole post here.
  10. hugh


    "often hilarious but the humour is constantly undercut by a feeling of unease and by a lurking violence" - Hugh McCabe on Athina Rachel Tsangari’s Chevalier Read the whole post here.
  11. hugh

    Turkey Coup

    Staying a hotel in Limerick, decided to pop down to the bar and have a pint while watching the coup and they were showing the bloody golf. Then a band came on.
  12. hugh

    Primavera Sound 2016

    'This is 2016 and we are on the Continent after all' - Hugh McCabe recaps his weekend at Barcelona's Primavera Sound Read the whole post here.
  13. hugh


    'we see what happens when the political becomes deeply personal' - Hugh McCabe on Anohni's HOPELESSNESS Read the whole post here.
  14. hugh

    Eye In The Sky

    Eye In The Sky is a "slickly entertaining but ideologically duplicitous drone thriller," says Hugh McCabe Read the whole post here.
  15. hugh

    Large Mound gig tomorrow night

    Tuesday that is. In the Grand Social. Other people playing too. We are on sometime after 10. For old time's sake... Just in case any pricks are at a loose end.
  16. hugh

    Joanna Newsom - Divers

    'the music still swoops and soars and gleefully revels in the sheer scale of its own ambition' - Hugh McCabe on Joanna Newsom's Divers Continue reading...
  17. hugh

    Julia Holter - Have You In My Wilderness

    'rooted in equal parts medieval Baroque, 20th Century experimentalism and West Coast pop songwriting' - Hugh McCabe on Julia Holter's Have You In My Wilderness Continue reading...
  18. hugh

    Irrational Man

    'Is the world a better or worse place with one more mediocre Woody Allen film in it?' - Hugh McCabe on Woody Allen's latest movie, Irrational Man Continue reading...
  19. hugh

    Chelsea Wolfe - Abyss

    'disorienting dispatches from a dark dream world' - Hugh McCabe on Chelsea Wolfe's 5th LP Abyss Continue reading...
  20. hugh

    Piano/Keys Available

    Ok pricks. I now own a portable piano/keyboard and am determined to use it. I'm pretty handy, can pick things up quickly, and have a solid understanding of this whole music thing. I'm looking to play this new instrument of mine with other humans. I'm available to do stuff and am usually happy to...