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    Alvin Lucier

    some of you peeps might be into this.
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    the strangeness of dub

    Ahoy pricks, here is a thing you might want to listen to. the strangeness of dub. I somehow found a link to this series in early november (I don’t even remember where I got it from — maybe some link on twitter or the like). and it’s been a bit of a life-saver. here it is...
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    best audio quality for streaming

    hola pricks. been a while. have any of you done any live-stream music stuff in the pandemic times? any hot takes on what’s best or worst for audio quality? like can i just go with youtube and it’ll be grand as long as the audio is going through soundcard and the like? or are any other ones...
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    American equivalent to Thomann

    Hi peeps Is there an American — or, more specifically, Californian — equivalent to Thomann? i.e. a website for ordering music gear specifically for yanks? Apart from just going with something like Amazon, I was wondering if there might be any sort of more-direct equivalent. Let me know! :)
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    bluetooth speakers

    nerd question is it possible to get three or four small portable bluetooth speakers, and turn them all on, and have them all play the same thing from one source – your phone or the like? and if so, how far away can they be from the phone/laptop before they lose signal?
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    how well do you know your metal?

    i got 12 out of 20. fail. Anthem… or metal? | National Anthems of the World from
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    thumped is for pricks

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    new mac: migrate or start fresh?

    advice from the trenches, please. last time i bought a new mac, it was to replace one where the hard drive died, so i was pretty much forced to start fresh. this time i’m not in emergency panic mode after a disaster, so i can choose whether to migrate or start over. any advice or preferences...
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    tell me why i’m wrong

    so bradley manning got sentenced to a long time in jail, and then he/she announced that he/she was really a woman and should now be called chelsea. but manning is not, biologically, a woman. therefore treating him/her as one is everyone sort of pretending that a man is a woman. i had a...
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    v.a.t. between ireland and germany

    hi peeps. if i’m charging for work done for a german company, but i’m getting them to pay me in ireland, how does it all work with the tax man? as far as i understand, i don’t charge vat, but i also don’t owe it? that doesn’t seem to make any sense, but i’m probably missing some aspect of it...
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    maersk was a band that i was in a thousand years ago (mainly with thomas and james, occasional thumpedees; known to some of you, i'm sure). we released one e.p., called first line, and one compilation track, called '26.07.04'. i finally got around to digging in the crates a bit (involved...
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    gear for sale

    evening... a friend of mine is selling a grand piano and a fancy mixing desk. someone here might possibly be rich and/or interested. both things are in germany but can be shipped. pm me or reply here if you’d like to know more.
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    fascinating email hosting question

    a dhaoine uaisle... i’m trying to slowly switch around how my email is set up and i need advice on who’s good for this. at the moment i have most email hosted with blacknight, which is grand, but they have a limit of 1gb per mailbox. my main email address of the last few years comes in around...
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    Bored In Work 515

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    how do i stop skype sneakiness?

    earlier on today, i updated skype on my mac to the latest version (5.7). the application restarted, and when it did, i saw that there were a lot of contacts that had mysteriously had their entries doubled, often with slight variations. i had no idea why. it took me a while to figure out that...
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    wordpress/php/nerd question

    has anyone here got enough php chops to help me do a slightly-complicated thing in wordpress? it involves (deep breath) ...passing a variable into a function in functions.php in order to get an array out the other end to be used in a custom field. i think. basically, i have all the bits but i...
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    sky histoire

    hi thumped. i made a record. please give me all your money on bandcamp right now. thanks. video:
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    extricating video from mini-dv tapes

    peeps. what stupid cable do i need to use get video out of a mini-dv tape (inside a sony fx1000 camera) and into a macbook? the camera seems to only have a hdmi out -- no firewire out (unless i'm missing something obvious). is there such a thing as a hdmi-to-firewire cable? or hdmi-to-usb? or...
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    camera for making a music video

    evening. i'm going to be making a music video in the next couple of weeks for a piece of newfangled rock and roll music. it'll hopefully be a fairly simple thing, putting a few takes together and adding the music over the top. however, i'd like the video we shoot to be good quality, if...
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    i think i asked this on here before, but i can't find it. what's the max that a self-employed person can earn in a year before owing tax? this stuff always gives me headaches.