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  1. kenn

    [Jun 17, 2013] Caudal / Harvester Monday June 17 - Dublin (Dublin 7)

    Dublin debut from Berlin's Caudal (Nadja, ex-Gout) and one more chance to see Harvester if you didn't feel like dealing with Mastadon last week: Monday June 17 at Siteation 12A Little Britain St, Dublin 7 Doors 8:30 - Music 9:00 sharp - 5Euro - BYOB
  2. kenn

    [Jun 15, 2013] Caudal (Berlin ex Nadja, Gout) // Harvester (Galway) (Kilkenny)

    A night of big riffs and smooth grooves Caudal (Berlin) / Harvester (Galway) / The Kilo 1977 15th June - Billy Byrnes Kilkenny CAUDAL (GER) Caudal is a new trio featuring Aidan Baker (CA – Nadja, Whisper Room, ARC) on guitar, Gareth Sweeney (IE – Gout) on...
  3. kenn

    Harvester (Galway) Tunes up

    Hey all New band from Galway featuring members of bands, have recorded tunes and have them up online for your aural pleasure. If ye like it please download. Rockin yo!!!
  4. kenn

    What ever happened to the van punks?

    A few years ago the punk scene was awash with Punks with Vans. The commercial vehicle enthusiast could be heard outside punk gigs discussing such important matters as DOE's and possible head gasket failure, with others rolling their eyes and walking away. These days you can go a full gig with...
  5. kenn

    2 Tickets for sale for Kylesa/Converge gig

    As the Title says. get in contact if you want them through PM or call me.
  6. kenn

    2 Tickets for Kylesa/Converge gig Monday for sale

    As the title says. Get in contact if you want em. PM LOIKE
  7. kenn

    1in12 broken into and robbed

    For anyone who cares, this is shit
  8. kenn

    Evil but funny

    This is fucking hilarious. It's slow to start but listen the whole way through. Totally worth it
  9. kenn

    Cormy on fire

  10. kenn

    Visceral Attack

    I saw these lads in Galway during the week. AMAZING
  11. kenn

    Go'on the Cats

  12. kenn

    Septemberfest Venue

    I was at the venue yesterday with Conor and Marcus. It's deadly. Perfect size for a gig, not too small, not too big. Lovely pint. Sound pub owner and a deadly camping spot. It's totally self contained with a choice of beer gardens and a cool courtyard for the bit of catchin up with old friends...
  13. kenn

    DIYlan on Nationwide

    Tis on now. Sigh
  14. kenn

    Ice drums

  15. kenn

    Eat The Rich

    Haven't seen this in years. Get yourself a Blem and a G & T and kick back for a quality watch. All the parts are there if you go into the persons profile. DEADLY
  16. kenn

    MarioKart on the Wii

    Anyone got it, if so throw up your kart number and we can play online
  17. kenn

    Goblin Cock

    These guys are amazing, as are their videos
  18. kenn

    Is this snow affecting anybody else?

    This morning I saw three cars spun out on the road, and one car spin and just miss me. It's mad down in Wicklow, what's it like where you are? At the moment there is about two inches of snow in the garden. Spring eh. Oh and I am literally snowed in!
  19. kenn

    Anyone ever see this: Irish Rock

    Has anybody seen this website before? tis fairly interesting
  20. kenn

    Jacinta hits 300,000 miles. Show some love

    Jacinta the Sprinta hit the 300,000 mile mark yesterday, with plenty more to go, hopefully. It is driving the best it has in ages. To mark the occasion I would like to thank all who have sailed in her, had the session in the back, used it to roll the sly blem outside the gig in, listened to me...