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  1. Diddles

    Macbook parts

    Any places in Dublin or sites that sell auld bits off Macbooks for cheap? My keyboard is fucked, and then the trackpad stopped working. And then I bent the battery taking it out to clean the trackpad and it went on fucking fire. So now I've no battery and am using a mouse and the onscreen...
  2. Diddles

    Dog bite fixes for new footwear?

    Dirty big scratch on my new boots from the poxy dog. Like I was putting them on out of the fucking box and the little bastard robbed one and scraped his teeth along the toe, I broke down crying and everything, they weren't cheap. I could cope if it was on the side, but the fucking front of...
  3. Diddles

    I need a recordable thingy

    a greeting card yoke, you know the thing, a chip whathaveye. With better quality preferably, that plays music that I recorded onto it upon the pressing of a button. Yes, I know I can get one from China or Amazon or something, but is it possible to get one in a a shop in town? kthx.
  4. Diddles

    Complaining about other parents and their kids thread

    Yesterday I had to call down to a parent and tell him that my six-year old kid is not allowed to play Black Ops. He looked at me as if I was Amish.
  5. Diddles

    Thumped Name That Tune

    I've had this sitar music stuck in my head all day - it's a really groovy remixed tune. It's not Primal Scream. I reckon it's been used as background music in cool programs about India. Help plz.
  6. Diddles

    Thumped is crashing in Chrome

    I've been having a couple of Chrome problems recently (it's been a bit sticky) but tonight's problems seem to be purely Thumped related. Chrome will load Thumped, but as soon as I click on anything I get the spinning beachball of death and I have to force quit. Using Firefox to post this and...
  7. Diddles

    search function

    It's desperate :(
  8. Diddles

    Black Sabbath are back . W00t!

    This is the best news I've ever heard. I have GOT to see them live. .|..|
  9. Diddles

    Treacle Jr.

    Has anyone seen this? Is it worth a watch? I found the trailer very unsettling as I knew both both Aiden Gillen and Aidan Walsh back in the day. It's like someone made a film of a weird dream I had.
  10. Diddles

    What's the best way to sell tickets online

    I'm setting up a site for an 'event' and was wondering if any of ye have any advice on how to sell tickets for it online. It's not going to be a big huge event, a few hundred attending hopefully. Is Paypal the best way to go? Or has anyone ever used or something similar? Any...
  11. Diddles

    hosting a .ie site

    I've a bluehost account but I need to host a .ie site on it, which they don't do apparently. Anyone know a workaround for this plz, or will I have to get separate hosting?
  12. Diddles

    jam jars

    I'm going to make some jam but have no lids for the jars (I'm just using baby food jars, the lids were thrown in the bin before I thought about it). Can I just lash cling film or something on them? I'm not planning on keeping them for a year or anything, I'll probably be giving most of it to...
  13. Diddles

    video help

    I have a quicktime movie that needs to have a transparent background. Does anyone know how to do this in after effects? This will eventually be an .flv and I need to keep the file size down. kthx
  14. Diddles

    'No junk mail'

    Over the course of the last year I've had to drop leaflets around the local area and I've had several incidents with people who have 'no junk mail' on their letterboxes. As far as I'm concerned I'm not delivering junk mail. Today I was dropping election leaflets as a favour to an...
  15. Diddles

    eircom hosting bollocks

    I'm trying to ftp a web page onto someone's eircom site, but from what I can gather (I'm very tired btw so might be completely wrong), I can't login because I'm not using eircom as my broadband provider Can this shit be for real? If it is can someone tell me a way around it? I have to upload...
  16. Diddles

    basic soldering/circuit board question

    I'm trying to fix a circuit board on a child's toy. One of the leads from the battery to the circuit bard is loose. But if I touch the wire to the board while the toy is switched on, it's still not working. so, do I HAVE to solder it back on in order for it to work or is something else...
  17. Diddles

    Emergency laptop purchase

    I need to buy a laptop tomorrow. Preferably 15.4 inch screen with 2gb ram. For dirt cheap obviously. Where be best place?
  18. Diddles


    Getting this when I try to edit my shitty spelling in a post. Don't have any other windows open. Got a double post just now also. Using Safari. kthx.
  19. Diddles

    The Grand National

    I'm thinking Comply or Die Offshore Account. I usually do two horsies for the national. I have 30 eurons from Cheltenham so 5 each way.
  20. Diddles

    Fish Pie

    I made my first fish pie yesterday. Well, actually it was my second. The first one I based on my mother's version of fish pie, which I'm sure involved tinned salmon and boiled eggs. I may have been wrong. I used smoked coley and haddock but it could have done with anther fish perhaps...