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  1. kenn

    [Jun 17, 2013] Caudal / Harvester Monday June 17 - Dublin (Dublin 7)

    Dublin debut from Berlin's Caudal (Nadja, ex-Gout) and one more chance to see Harvester if you didn't feel like dealing with Mastadon last week: Monday June 17 at Siteation 12A Little Britain St, Dublin 7 Doors 8:30 - Music 9:00 sharp - 5Euro - BYOB
  2. kenn

    [Jun 15, 2013] Caudal (Berlin ex Nadja, Gout) // Harvester (Galway) (Kilkenny)

    A night of big riffs and smooth grooves Caudal (Berlin) / Harvester (Galway) / The Kilo 1977 15th June - Billy Byrnes Kilkenny CAUDAL (GER) Caudal is a new trio featuring Aidan Baker (CA – Nadja, Whisper Room, ARC) on guitar, Gareth Sweeney (IE – Gout) on...
  3. kenn

    Harvester (Galway) Tunes up

  4. kenn

    Harvester (Galway) Tunes up

    Hey all New band from Galway featuring members of bands, have recorded tunes and have them up online for your aural pleasure. If ye like it please download. Rockin yo!!!
  5. kenn

    Mates in London

    Watch out
  6. kenn

    What ever happened to the van punks?

    A few years ago the punk scene was awash with Punks with Vans. The commercial vehicle enthusiast could be heard outside punk gigs discussing such important matters as DOE's and possible head gasket failure, with others rolling their eyes and walking away. These days you can go a full gig with...
  7. kenn


    Hey I just had a listen to the tunes. Fair play. Sounds like Bad Religion. It's great to see a new punk band coming along. Don't mind all these old gits, they've forgotten what they were angry about when they were younger. They're not even angry anymore. Keep it up. Don't fall for the easy...
  8. kenn


    I can't tell if this tool is being sarcastic anymore. Jeez
  9. kenn

    February SoR gig w/ Easpa Measa, Dropping Bombs & Dirge

    A few tipples may be had at this
  10. kenn

    Nuclear Winter Fest 2011

    I'll be there
  11. kenn

    Best of 2010 awards.......

    Best Band - Trenches Galway Best Venue- Aras na Gael Best Fest- GGi Best thing to happen - Van fully taxed as camper Worst thing - Ongoing cold snap Best Session - a lot of crackers, I'd have to say it's between Everton chaos or Churchtown Rum night Best Movie - MAchete
  12. kenn

    FAO Moose / City Baby

    did you find my sunglasses in the shamrock hotel by any chance
  13. kenn

    wanted: Free symbal stand

    I'd say I'd have a spare Cymbal stand, don't know what a symbal stand is though. Let me know if you get sorted
  14. kenn

    Bad Manners December 4th

    Is this the thread where spas post? I think I'm in the right place
  15. kenn

    The Official Feel Sorry for Yourself Thread

    Herself and myself both get paid monthly and haven't been paid yet. No money for the bank holiday weekend. I played a gig last night and couldn't get pished and I have another gig tonight with zero fundage. Money will probably land in the account on Monday and no-one will be up for the session...
  16. kenn

    2 Tickets for sale for Kylesa/Converge gig

    Sure I'll stop but who will take over? You?
  17. kenn

    2 Tickets for sale for Kylesa/Converge gig

    As the Title says. get in contact if you want them through PM or call me.
  18. kenn

    2 Tickets for Kylesa/Converge gig Monday for sale

    As the title says. Get in contact if you want em. PM LOIKE