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  1. chris d

    Post Pop

    I like searching for bands post band lives and seeing what they are up to. Like David Line from Seafood (1998-2006) Seafood: Tiny Sparks Video He works in a vineyard now, and looks all the better for it. Team Greyfriars, Surrey, England Can't find much else about any of the rest of them...
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    Fuck off.
  3. chris d

    Google Photos

    Cock it.
  4. chris d

    Work Related Questions

    I need to get a wireless presentation pointer thing, or similar, that either has the keyboard arrow keys on it, or it's buttons can be customised to be the keyboard arrow keys. Want to use it for teleprompter scrolling , so also needs to be non-clicky. Anyone use something they can recommend?
  5. chris d

    Friday 90s twee indie thread.

    Let's pretend that it's 1998 for 5 minutes.
  6. chris d


    1. Played through an old looking AC30 last night and really hated it. 2. In Troubadour the other week the blackstar was picking up one of the other bands rehearsing. It was mad weird. Maybe I can upload a video of it.
  7. chris d

    Onions - why?

    I find onions to be gack. What are they supposed to do?
  8. chris d

    Is there a Siamese Dream era Smashing Pumpkins Tribute in Ireland?

    Or do you want to start one with me in about 10 years when I have time.
  9. chris d

    Twirls taste weird now

    I'm eating a Twirl and it tastes weird. Has any one else experienced this?
  10. chris d

    Do you believe in life after love?

  11. chris d

    World Cup 2018

    80 quid if I win the office sweep. Come on you football kunts.
  12. chris d


    Our front lawn is crap so I bought some lawn feed and chucked it all over it. Only after did I read the instructions and it says don't exceed putting on 70g per sq meter. I got the tape measure out and I have put on120g per sq meter. What do I do now? Apart from drink beer and not give a...
  13. chris d

    Loading Screens

    It used to take 4 minutes to load Dan Dare on the Spectrum. 8 MINUTES for Robocop. Look how shit Barbarian II is. This ballbag made you load up at least twice for different levels.
  14. chris d

    Tinnitus Trials

    At James' Anyone involved in this? Running until November. I am guessing I have a bit, there is an underlying white noise in my head, but it is only noticeable at night in bed. The Trial | Tinnitus Trials 'Tinnitus is no longer my enemy' - On a similar note. Any...
  15. chris d

    Anyone use Tower's online site to buy stuff?

    Anyone use Tower's online site to buy stuff? It looks terrible. I have doubts about how up to date the stock list might be.
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  17. chris d

    It's the Friday 80s Pop song thread

  18. chris d


    He's decided he's playing Ireland and we're all invited. Fuck us right?
  19. chris d

    Multi FX Pedals

    This looks kind of cool. Retailing for $200-$250 apparently, so half the price of a Carl Martin Quattro. Should be out by the end of the month. Mooer Audio Releases the Red Truck, Baby Bomb, Mod Factory Pro, and Tender Octaver Pro | Premier Guitar
  20. chris d

    Bedroom Amp

    Live in an apartment (trying to change that). I'm using one of those 9v Orange Micro amps for home playing but I'm tired of it, I want a proper amp. The blackstar is way too big and loud to be plugging in. What do you pricks use at home? How's that Fender Champ @Unicron?