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    Returning to Ireland advice thread (I've made a huge mistake part II)

    Hey - I've been living in the US for a long time now, but I'll be moving back to Ireland. I don't have very much stuff, but there'll be a container going over with whatever crap we've accumulated nonetheless. Mainly this will be bikes, and tools. I think I'll wheel an old motorbike on too...
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    Am I completely fucked in the head?

    Am I completely fucked in the head and alone in thinking I almost want to see Trump win this next election? I have this perverse desire to see everything burn. I want to see the US reduced to a joke pariah state, I want to see coronavirus sweep through red states and kill vast numbers. I want...
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    Corona Lifestyles - the new daily routine thread.

    Wake up. Remember everything's still fucked. Make coffee. Drink huge amounts of coffee and take shit, pebble-dashing the inside of the jacks, notice that your piss smells so strongly of caffeine it's overpowering the smell of shit. Flush jacks, peek in with the hope that the pebble-dashing takes...
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    Anyone know about Irish immigration law for non-nationals, specifically Americans?

    Anyone know about Irish immigration law for non-nationals, specifically Americans?
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    Anyone ever use those container shipping jobbies?

    Anyone ever use those container shipping jobbies? Like, the things where you load up a rake of stuff (motorbikes, bikes, beds, big stuff) into a container and get it shipped to Ireland or something?
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    Hip hop as poetry (in schools)

    I'm a long way off a person who understands poetry. I'm a dickhead generally speaking, and a coder after that. Dyslexic autistic after that. But I've realised that despite my pointed ignorance, there's a lot to be said for poetry. I endured the same poetry as every other Irish child did in...
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    The Stephen Universe

    Is this a thing in Ireland? My creatures have become avid fans of this cartoon, and I've absorbed a certain amount of it by osmosis. There's Garnet, who I basically have a crush on, who's some hard ass black woman from faacking Lahndan, innit, Pearl who's a skinny white chick, and Amethyst...
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    What's the story with Frank Zappa?

    Here. I've seen a few Frank Zappa interviews and the lad seems to be an agonizing cunt altogether. I've thought this for a while, but kept it quiet. I'm a bit of an agonizing cunt myself at times, so glass houses and all that. But I'd be curious if I'm the only cunt out there who thinks...
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    Special Donald appears fucked.

    I'm currently living in Washington DC. Well, that's not true, DC is small enough, but I'm living on the Dart line that goes to DC, probably at around Booterstown. I dunno if this skews my reality (well, it does; I don't know how much it does let's say). But I think I'm watching the US...
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    so, ehh, is Gorillamunch still a cunt? And other.

    Alright ladz. What givz? I'm going to my first Manhattan Gay Wedding some day soon. I'm still minted, locked, and right all the fucking time. I'm all about native American plants these days. Or plantz as we call them. It attracts the insects, particularly the pollinators. Also...
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    That's all they've got time for.

    Good fucking Jaysus. The baul Kev is back.
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    Upcoming Bad Brains documentary just saw this on another site.
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    Eartha Kitt...

    died of cancer today. Man. I had a huge crush on her when I was a nipper. Hawt.
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    Who just sat on the couch crying like a 6 year old?

    It's been emotional. Things might be looking up.
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    It gets switched on on Wednesday buchallaini agus callini

    Are yis bricking yourselves or what? What happens when you crash two things doing 99.9999991% the speed of light in opposite directions into each other? We're pretty much fucked aren't we.
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    Can you get high on chillis?

    Tonight, the missus and myself went to our local Thai place, and I think they got a new cook because the food was fairly jumping with the old espicey chillies. Like, it was insano hot. Sweating bullets hot. And, I sort of noticed that we were both acting a little euphoric, talking a little too...
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    Eircom sued by four major labels Eircom has rejected claims by four major record companies that it, as the largest broadband internet service provider in the State, must bear some liability for the illegal free downloading of music by computer users. The companies have claimed...
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    BBC's new site

    Has anyone noticed this yet? Am I the only one that thinks the new style sheet is absolutely rotten looking? Their other site was quite nice. The Guardian's newer effort is pretty nice, I like that, probably more than the previous, but Jesus, this BBC yoke is driving me to Google news...
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    Boulder Colorado; Nashville Tennesse, Palo Alto California

    So here's the deal. I'm tired of living in and around the NYC area I think, and I want to move in a year plus/minus. But, I haven't really been anywhere in the US other than up and down the east coast a bit, and pretty well everywhere else, other than Philadelphia, I have been looks shit. I...
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    Undersea Internet cables cut in Middle East... again. NOTHING TO SEE HERE. Ships did not cut internet cables