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    Video of The Day Delorentos - Sanctuary

    Oh, that must have been soooooooo cold!! Great video, as always.
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    Camera Obscura

    Ugh! That is such shitty news.
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    Steve Albini?Like ..who?

    Steve Albini is Chicago. <3
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    Steve Albini?Like ..who?

    This thread is funny.
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    Thomas Dunning's Annual HOOT NIGHT: OZZY vs. DISCO!

    Thomas Dunning's now-Annual HOOT NIGHT returns!! Come see the D-Factor Finalists perform the greatest songs of both OZZY OSBOURNE and the DISCO ERA! Featuring some of the best talent in Dublin AND Chicago!! CAROL KEOGH & THE CITY FATHERS! JAIME NANCI (of Cuckoo Savant) & THE BLUE BOYS! AUREL...
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    The 'share a song you can't stop playing' thread

    I have listened to this 23 times in the past 4 days. There is no sign of it slowing down either.
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    THOMAS DUNNING PRESENTS! GRAMMY Nominee Liam Davis (Chicago) & Carol Keogh (Dublin)

    Thomas Dunning takes a short break from his legendary Hoot Nights to showcase some very special talent under an alternative moniker, THOMAS DUNNING PRESENTS! Liam Davis is a GRAMMY-nominated musician who spent ten years as a songwriter, guitarist and singer with critically-acclaimed power-pop...
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    any fleetwood mac fans in da house?

    Oh, I love to be reminded how much I love Lindsey. Thanks!:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
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    Abba vs. The Rolling Stones? Discuss.

    Gimme Shelter was profoundly moving.
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    Abba vs. The Rolling Stones? Discuss.

    SHUT UP!!!!!!!! I'm only after going totally scarlet!
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    Abba vs. The Rolling Stones? Discuss.

    You are a bitch! :p Ha ha! No, but seriously seductions take a bit of work. You have to make the seduced feel like they are the seducers. I'm sure you remember! :eek:
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    Give me ?s for Brett & Rennie Sparks(The Handsome Family)

    Brilliant gig last night in Whelans. One of their best... The interview didn't happen last Saturday so its set now for tomorrow morning on Power FM 99.5 around 10:30am. Any more questions fer dem?
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    Abba vs. The Rolling Stones? Discuss.

    That would be cool...and full digital if you can please, I hate mp3s. Also, if its good quality I can play it on HOOTRadio on Power 99.5 FM. :-)
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    Abba vs. The Rolling Stones? Discuss.

    Make sure to say Hello...and can you bring me a CD or CD-R? My hard drive keeps asking me to choose between porn and music as I don't have enough space for both. Thanks, T
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    Yoor top 5 songwriters

    i had bacharach on my list...but took it off for lack of his work in my library. wilson...yes. wonder...yes. a.c. newman! BAM! he's astounding really. macgowan however turns my stomach and i've yet to be moved by anything he's written aside from fairytale and that gorgeous duet with...
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    Yoor top 5 songwriters

    Taught himself 17 instruments, musically (and fashion-wise as well) defined the decade of 84 - 94, revolutionized the way artists are treated by the major labels, refused to participate in USA for Africa because they wouldn't let him play guitar instead of sing (his line went to Huey Lewis)...
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    Ireland v Nigeria match question

    someone needs to build a bridge ;-) btw, did you know that nigerians seeking refuge in ireland are fast tracked through the asylum-seeking process to speed up their deportation? if i was nigerian i wouldn't want to play here.
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    Am I the last sap on earth to find out Faith No More got back together?

    I didn't know either! Is Roddy playing drums again? He totally flirted with me at the Double Door. Imperial Teen are the BEST power pop band in the WORLD!
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    Yoor top 5 songwriters

    Jane Siberry Jeff Tweedy Kate Bush Morrissey Prince