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    Thomas Dunning's Annual HOOT NIGHT: OZZY vs. DISCO!

    Thomas Dunning's now-Annual HOOT NIGHT returns!! Come see the D-Factor Finalists perform the greatest songs of both OZZY OSBOURNE and the DISCO ERA! Featuring some of the best talent in Dublin AND Chicago!! CAROL KEOGH & THE CITY FATHERS! JAIME NANCI (of Cuckoo Savant) & THE BLUE BOYS! AUREL...
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    THOMAS DUNNING PRESENTS! GRAMMY Nominee Liam Davis (Chicago) & Carol Keogh (Dublin)

    Thomas Dunning takes a short break from his legendary Hoot Nights to showcase some very special talent under an alternative moniker, THOMAS DUNNING PRESENTS! Liam Davis is a GRAMMY-nominated musician who spent ten years as a songwriter, guitarist and singer with critically-acclaimed power-pop...
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    Give me ?s for Brett & Rennie Sparks(The Handsome Family) mmmbop jokes please. :) Doing a phone-in live interview with them on Saturday morning at 10:30am on Power 99.5 FM. They'll be touring Ireland next what do you want to know? Ta, Dunning
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    Abba vs. The Rolling Stones? Discuss.

    Thomas Dunning's HOOT NIGHT: Abba vs. The Rolling Stones! 19 June 2009 at The Sugar Club in Dublin Featuring: Carol Keogh The Dudley Corporation Miriam Ingram Mumblin' Deaf Ro MEDEA Herm The Prairie Dawgs Cuckoo Savante Pig Rick Hartas Land Lovers and Tom Dunning & Your Boyfriends 8pm sharp...
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    Upcoming HOOT Night...

    Howdy friends! Just wanted to let everyone know (beyond the listings page) that there is a HOOT Night coming up. Springsteen vs. New Order on Friday the 30th of January. Post-inaugeral HOOT action!! Here's the very fresh roster (note I didn't say line up!): Land Lovers Pig Carol...
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    ELTON JOHN vs. DRUGS! Discuss!!

    This Friday - thanks for the reminder Uncle Meat - The HOOT NIGHT returns after a 6 month absence from you hearts and minds with one of our strangest themes yet! ELTON JOHN vs. DRUGS! 8pm start. 10 euro. 12 bands. 2 songs each. 1 intolerably sexy presenter. Its gonna be MENTAL so come...
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    R.E.M. vs Kylie

    Hey, the bitch is back! !baggyyyy
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    The Cure vs. The Carpenters HOOT Night, Fri 26th

    HOOT NIGHT is back! Whoo hoooooooo(t)! Please don't move this over to the gigs section...its more fun over here and I've been gone from the board for so long I want to hang out with my friends. Ok, so here's the deal... Thomas Dunning's HOOT Night: The Cure vs. The Carpenters! 8pm...
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    "Pee-wee" set to play with Adult Swim!!!!

    I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. I cannot, and I will not. "Pee-wee" set to play with Adult Swim - Yahoo! News
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    News about NEW ORLEANS musicians / Jane Siberry free MP3

    From my friends John & Laurie Stirratt, here are two sites you can go to to lend a hand to musicians in New Orleans left homeless by Katrina. which Wilco is directly involved with or the one below. NOAHleans Website To Help Refugee Musicians: A website has been set up as a...
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    HOOT NIGHT! Aerosmith vs. The Smiths - Friday, 2 Sept 05 Sugar Club

    After a substantial though not really significant sabbatical from the Sugar Club, the HOOT NIGHT returns to its homefield in Dublin for the only HOOT at the club this year! Friday 2 September 2005 Thomas Dunning Presents Hoot Night: AEROSMITH vs. THE SMITHS! The Sugar Club 8 Lower...
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    Just got the demo of the new Fast Emperors 4-song ep. Formerly Edgeweather (those cuties from Belfast who've played a few Hoots). This music is GORGEOUS! Hard, beautiful, melodic, exciting, the warmest vocals I've heard in a rock band in a long time...
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    WILCO February Update incl. European News

    Greetings from Chicago, everyone. As the guys frantically pack their bags and the crew load out on the eve of Wilco's tour of the southeastern US (there is a method to our madness here, at least weather-wise); we figured it was time for another update. So here goes. Wilco European bonus...
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    Why Wilco Is the Future of Music

    Here's Lawrence Lessig's latest Op-Ed piece from Wired. ( more at ) Why Wilco Is the Future of Music Great things happen when a band and its audience find harmony. By Lawrence Lessig On February 13, thousands of musicians from around the world will gather in Los...
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    In honor of St. Valentine and weak hearts, we sing songs about boys...sigh. Is there anything better? 8pm. Nina Hynes Emmett Tinley 66e Tychonaut MEDEA Aurel The Evangelists Edgeweather Thought Trawler Holy Ghost Fathers Michael Knight Crumb and Tom Dunning & Your...
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    Any Belle & Sebastian fans awake?

    It's 11:40pm. I'm leaving for Glasgow in about 5 hours. WHICH CD should I take...I can only take one...Sinister? Arab Strap? Tigermilk? Waitress? Maybe I should take Looper's Up A Tree? HELP!! I'm doing laundry and packing at the same time. I can't think. I'm going to go take a...
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    For fans of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

    click on it like... rickie lee jones' god rest ye merry gentlemen awesome! that bass is too cool for school there's two other holiday mp3's at
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    Lambchop in Cork TONIGHT! New music for 1927 film LIVE

    Lambchop Sunrise: A Song of two Humans 8pm Cork Opera House - Thurs Dec 2, 2004 Film & Music live (Director: Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, USA 1927 / Music: Lambchop) German director F.W. Murnau’s first American movie, “Sunrise”, “represents the art of the wordless cinema at its zenith”...
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    Why I still love America... (DUI is Driving Under the Influence)
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    The FOOD HOOT Dec10 LowerDeck

    I really need to get sorted out here. There's a HOOT NIGHT coming up...Friday, the 10th of December at The New & Improved (I hope) LOWER DECK in Rathmines. The theme for the evening is FOOD. Before I went on my trip to Chicago, I invited like 16 bands...they all said Yes even though I...