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  1. Juno

    Tickets For Sale Sleater Kinney

    I have 1 x Sleater Kinney ticket for sale (as I won't be here to go to it - sob). €30 (face value. No pesky charges). PM me if interested.
  2. Juno

    Forbidden Fruit 2013

    Don't suppose anyone has a ticket for tomorrow that they're looking to offload?? * hopeful * Or, failing that, one that they'd sell for face value without all ticketmaster's extra charges (I begrudge that extra €6).
  3. Juno

    Your Parents Record Collection

    My parents' record collection was beyond brutal. One Beach Boys album, lots of dodgy C&W and some stuff by a Portuguese Eurovision winner. Also a load of Ken Dodd albums, although my mother swears blind these belonged to my aunt. My mother also claims she was too young to be into the Beatles...
  4. Juno

    Settler's Life Upstream is 10 years old today

    Wasn't there a TYM reunion in the Lord Edward a couple of years ago? Or were we all just co-incidentally drinking there at the same time? 'Life Upstream' was a great album. Kind of depressing to think it was 10 years ago....<shuffles off using zimmerframe>
  5. Juno

    Female rock/punk bands in Ireland?

    That's it exactly! I was hugely inspired by the attitude of Riot Grrrl too, and although I wouldn't be mad into some of the music now, there are a few songs I still love (mostly by Bikini Kill). Rightly or wrongly, I just see it as something specific to a time and place - kind of like grunge I...
  6. Juno

    Female rock/punk bands in Ireland?

    WTF? Where do you get this shit from? My point in a nutshell is that while showcases are all well and good, real change is more likely to come from the efforts of the women who are playing gigs week in, week out (and that doesn't include me as I don't play anymore) and from expanding an activist...
  7. Juno

    Female rock/punk bands in Ireland?

    While I vaguely see where you're coming from, I don't agree. I also object to your assumption of any sort of 'mentality' on my part just because I would rather be in a band than a 'girl band'. I know all too well why that term was used but I feel like we have passed the point where embracing...
  8. Juno

    Female rock/punk bands in Ireland?

    Actually I remember that the idea of ladyfest had its fair share of critics on thumped at the time. It ended up being a really cool weekend and maybe that's why it seems in retrospect that everyone was supportive of it at the time, but that was definitely not the case.
  9. Juno

    Female rock/punk bands in Ireland?

    As a member of the female persuasion who used to be in a band I'm maybe not best placed to answer the question as to why more girls aren't in bands, but a couple of things came to mind while reading this thread. I've played a few 'female band showcases'/ladyfest over the years, and although at...
  10. Juno

    World's Scariest Drug - Scopolomine commonly known as 'Devil's Breath'

    Just keep some physostigmine on you at all times and you'll be grand.
  11. Juno

    Probably the most depressing thing you'll read this morning.

    Yeah this thread is making me think I should take down my christmas tree.
  12. Juno

    Music to have sex to

  13. Juno

    In defence of hipsters

    Irish Hipster fail
  14. Juno

    Ballroom #100: The End - Electric Eel Shock, Legion of Two and more

    First one I attended was also the first one I played...Ballroom 6(66) .|..| Think I've probably been to most of them but not all...great times *sniffle* Vive le Ballroom!!
  15. Juno

    Buying a Wet Suit

    They have them in TK Maxx. I don't know how much they cost but that place is generally a bit cheaper than yer usual shops.
  16. Juno

    What did your Grandfather do for a living?

    My grandparents and great-grandparents were all farmers (except for one great-grandmother who was a nurse). More excitingly, I found out via the internetz that my great-great grandfather had licenses for 8 dogs in 1870.
  17. Juno

    New Theroux: America's Medicated Kids

    The purple one was lovely. The other one not so good.
  18. Juno

    Jesus Was Way Cool

    A black man. And possibly Batman.
  19. Juno

    Doctor Who

    I was actually pleasantly surprised that it was as good as it was. I'd expected good things from Steven Moffat being in charge as most of my favourite episodes from recent years were written by him, but I loved David Tennant's Doctor and really doubted that Matt Smith would be up to much...
  20. Juno

    Eating Animals

    I was a veggie for 11 years too. I can't remember what I broke it for but basically I just got tired of the hassle (I was a veggie from 1991 to 2002 when there really was very little in the way of vegetarian options in Ireland) and also got tired of resisting the temptation to eat steaks and...