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    Unpopular Opinions

    I’m with Healy-Rae on the drink driving Two pints is fine, unless there is data out there that says people with two pints on them are killing people – which I doubt What kills people is speed, and the way that is sanctioned, compared to drinking is night and day. Also, the way drink driving is...
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    Why the long face? Bojack is back

    Final season
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    Rodents of Unusual Guile

    I am eager to hear progress on @therealjohnny 's mousecapades And any issues anyone else is having with mice or rats This is my Fortnite
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    irish actor Mark McKenna in a new series based around the mean streets of Brockton, MA
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    Johnny's shitepipe

    Can we have this as the home of the ongoing poopy drainage saga ? I am invested in how this turns out
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    The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

    You should probably be watching this show
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    Philip Cairns

    So someone knew who killed this poor kid all along. Godawful stuff. Anyone remember this Capt Cooke character? Gardai believe paedophile DJ Eamon 'Captain' Cooke may have killed schoolboy Philip Cairns - The woman came forward to gardai in Terenure last month. She told...
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    Bill Burr - Iveagh Gardens

    Vodafone Comedy Festival - Bill Burr, Special Guest Joe Derosa The Big Red, Iveagh Gardens, Dublin, Sun 31 Jul 2016, 16:30 @pete - how do these presale yokes work? Onsale to General Public Start: Mon 13/06/16, 09:00 Presale Start: Fri 10/06/16, 09:00 End: Mon 13/06/16, 08:00
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    Dylan, Stones & McCartney - new festival lineup is not bad

    Friday - Stones and Dylan full sets each Saturday - McCartney and Neil Young full sets each Sunday - Roger Waters and The Who full sets each October - Desert Trip Festival out in Indigo, CA Three-day passes start at $399...
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    The Tree of Life Screening plus Live Film Score - NCH June 3rd

    The Tree of Life Screening plus Live Film Score with 100 piece-Orchestra and Choir June 3, 2016 The National Concert Hall and Wordless Music present the world premiere of THE TREE OF LIFE Written and directed by TERRENCE MALICK Screening and live film score (world premiere) with the RTÉ...
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    Prince RIP

    Sometimes it snows in April Deserves its own thread. @pete , can you do us the favour?
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    JD McPherson

    Playing Dublin in April
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    Found photographs - possibly EP

    Found an old disposable camera and thought I might have a treasure trove of memories. Turns out I have someone else's. I don't know any of these people. I think I dated the girl in the white top in the 4th photo though.
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    Gun-Rights Advocate Who Posed With Small Child and Gun Was Shot by Her 4-Year-Old Yesterday Gun-Rights Advocate Who Posed With Small Child and Gun Was Shot by Her 4-Year-Old Yesterday By Ben Mathis-Lilley Screen shot/Facebook Jamie Gilt is a woman who lives in Jacksonville, Florida and...
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    House Of Cards - Season 4

    I yelled like a wounded animal Overall it does seem a little like the Walking Dead in that it is high stakes, but endless and pointless.
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    New Music Kendrick Lamar - untitled unmastered

    Out now untitled unmastered. by Kendrick Lamar on iTunes
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    [Mar 6, 2016] Hamell On Trial (Workman's Club)

    This guy is always great value
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    Sci-fi thriller mini-series based on a Stephen King book Didn't much care for episode 1, which was a little too light for my tastes. The second one on Monday was a serious improvement. All about what something like this should be about; what it means and what it takes to kill a man. Hopefully...
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    Financial Collapse - 2016 Edition

    Stock markets tanking - U.S. Stocks Swoon as Investors Seek Havens Europe Bank Selloff Deepens as Traders Locked in `No Man's Land' Oil cratering - Oil prices crash below $27 a barrel Demand for gold seriously up - Gold Roars to One-Year High as Turmoil Drives Safe Haven Demand Even the...
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    Star Wars - Episode VIII hype thread

    J.J. Abrams loved the Star Wars: Episode VIII script so much, he regrets not directing it | J.J. Abrams loved the Star Wars: Episode VIII script so much, he regrets not directing it Posted December 23 2015 — 9:13 AM EST Star Wars: The Force Awakens hasn’t even been in theaters a full...