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  1. Psychotic no 2

    Kristin Hersh

    Kristin Hersh questionnaire on The Anti-Room for any fans out there. e
  2. Psychotic no 2

    Anything good on tonight?

    My cousin is coming up to the big smoke tonight and I'm at a loss as to where to bring her. I'm feeling the pressure of 'sure you know all the cool places to go - you live in Dublin.' Anything decent on or has Electric Picnic put a dampener on all other events?
  3. Psychotic no 2

    P J Harvey's new album

    Has anyone heard it? Just had first listen today. Seems almost entirely piano-based and some of it sounds 4-tracked. Very different but I likey so far.
  4. Psychotic no 2

    New Interpol single

  5. Psychotic no 2

    What's a good octave pedal?

    Please, thanks.
  6. Psychotic no 2

    My new gaff is Foookin freezin...suggestions?

    Just moved into the new gaff this weekend. Two words. Storage. Heating. Anyone have any idea how this shit works? Can anyone recommend a heater that I can buy to plug in that won't send the electric bill through the roof? Am having fond memories of the superser from my childhood. Ahhh, lovely...
  7. Psychotic no 2

    Crowther Hotcake pedals????

    Was at Charlotte Hatherley last night and she was using two of these - they seemed to work well for her - anyone ever used one or know much about them?
  8. Psychotic no 2

    Queen Kong contact....

    helloo, anyone got a number for Dave or Amy?
  9. Psychotic no 2

    Job going at Phantom

    I'm sure this is not the right place for this so redirect/post wherever appropriate. If anyone's interested, they're looking for a part-time news reader at Phantom. Details: Phantom 105.2 is looking for a part-time journalist to join the news team of Dublin’s newest radio station. Phantom...
  10. Psychotic no 2

    Contact for Anthony Large Mound please?

    Has anyone got one? :) thankee
  11. Psychotic no 2

    Super Dexta

    Sigh, you're so popular. Your inbox is full. Bookclub tomorrow at mine at 8 if you can make it. Ciao x e.
  12. Psychotic no 2


    Where's the best place to get one or is anyone selling one?
  13. Psychotic no 2

    When you're so tired you can't sleep...

    ...and it's starting to affect EVERYTHING, what do you do? HELP!!!
  14. Psychotic no 2

    Best small portable recording device?

    I don't really know where to post this. My trusty mini-disc is about to bite the dust. What should I replace it with? Needs to be small and super-reliable (for interviews that cannot be lost/deleted/accidentally not recorded). Mp3 recorders scare me but I am willing to embrace change. Any advice?
  15. Psychotic no 2

    For Sale:Marshall Valvestate Amp

    Three channels (clean,dirty,extra-dirty), no footswitch but everything works. €300 ono.
  16. Psychotic no 2

    Internet dating/dating agencies

    Has anyone here done online dating or used a dating agency?
  17. Psychotic no 2


    I'm going to be writing album reviews/features/interviews/live reviews for this website They're launching an .ie version in a few weeks so I'm doing Irish content for them. If anyone's interested, give me a pm.
  18. Psychotic no 2

    the Organ

    These girls are my new favourite band. Loving their album. It's like early Smiths, except girls. .|..|
  19. Psychotic no 2

    Where's best to buy contact lenses on the web?

    I've been a victim too long. I just saw my contact lenses on a website for 1/6 the price I pay in the opticians *SCREAM*. I need Eddie Hobbs IN MY LIFE. Thanks. e
  20. Psychotic no 2


    Can anybody recommend a pilates place in Dublin that would be fairly central and starting relatively soon after work from 5pm onwards? My back is fucked. :(