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  1. pavlos

    2020 albums worth a listen...

  2. pavlos

    2020 albums worth a listen...

    Just listening to the preview tracks on this, sounds excellent. Due out in March.
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    Happy Birthday, moose

    Happy birthday to you, @moose!
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    I think I'm going to have to dive in on this one... you've bought a good few of his archive ones, in fairness, am I right?
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  6. pavlos

    Happy Christmas, everyone

    Happy Christmas to you too @pete and the rest of yis!
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    Major Complaints Thread

    I'm so sorry to hear this, that's extremely rough. Make sure and mind yourself and try not to stress about it (easier said than done, I'm sure). A good excuse to take it a bit easier. All the very best to you!
  8. pavlos

    Thread for upcoming reissues of interest

    Nice one, I thought that you'd be well up on the source material alright. That's shit that they're not paying the proper royalties. Will steer clear so!
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    Thread for upcoming reissues of interest

    Paging @Cornu Ammonis:
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    People Who Died
  11. pavlos

    Happy Birthday, riath

    Happy birthday!
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    Bargains 2020

    Some good stuff to be had here, 30% off, and the shipping is a decent price too for Germany.
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    2020 Virtual Mini Marathon / A Little Lifetime

    Job done.
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    Happy Birthday, Bernie Lomax

    Happy birthday!
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    What Book Did You Read Last Night???

    My reading has gone to pot lately, a combination of having a small child around the place (not a complaint, btw!) and general inertia. Picked out a handy easy read in Pete Paphides "Broken Greek" to get back into the swing of things and finished it there a while back. Really enjoyed it.
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    Happy Birthday, ernesto

    Happy birthday to you!
  17. pavlos

    [Nov 14, 2015] The Mountain Goats (Whelan's)

    The first time I heard of NMH was when The Mountain Goats did a cover of "Two Headed Boy", think it was on a bootleg though, maybe around 1999/2000?
  18. pavlos

    Thread for upcoming reissues of interest

    Freebird, Spindizzy and Tower all have it up on their sites, so it should be handy enough to pick up a copy.
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    Songs that you forgot you loved...

    Dug out The Hissing Of Summer Lawns the other day, I'd not listened to it in ages and had forgotten that this gem was on it.
  20. pavlos

    People Who Died

    Sorry to hear that, @GO