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  1. egg_

    D&D for all the family

    Any D&D heads here? Daughters are keen to try it. Where would I find a basic set of dice?
  2. egg_

    The lyrics thread

    Surprised we didn't have one of these before ... thread for lyrics (or bits of lyrics) that make you go "ohh" "Death is the new sex, everybody's talking about it Death is the new sex, coming soon to fuck us all" (from Death is the new sex, by Tunng)
  3. egg_

    Sinead O Brien

    Anyone heard of this woman before? Came across her yesterday and I'm digging her shit a lot. A young woman talking over a kind of driving post-rock-y type buzz (reminds me of old-school trm). This one even has cowbell
  4. egg_

    Songwriting and feedback

    I know a couple of people who write prose, and they'd often have an editor or even just a couple of other writers who they send stuff to for feedback on their writing Anyone know of anything similar for songwriting/production? There's "hot or not" on submithub, but the feedback on that is at...
  5. egg_

    Amusing exchanges elsewhere on the internet

    Maybe there's already a thread for this - a cursory search revealed nothing, so here we are! This is from Adam Neely (bassplayer and jazz guy)'s youtube channel. He has this Q&A thing, and someone asks him "What is the name of this chord progression IVm7 bVII7 Imj7?" and he says jazz people...
  6. egg_

    Please send video footage of deserted cities/towns

    As mentioned here The Coronavirus and switching to drinking Sol thread I'm recording a version of Ghost Town with the kids, as part of their COVID-homeschool musical education. If any of yiz have any video footage of deserted towns/cities that would be cool with us using in the music video...
  7. egg_

    Simple podcasts in Irish

    My eldest is struggling a little bit with Irish, and has the junior cert coming up. Are there any decent simple-Irish podcasts about that might help her with understanding the spoken language? Thinking of something like this only in Irish
  8. egg_

    Songs you forgot you wrote

    Like the "Songs you forgot you loved" thread ... Was talking to one of the Stoat wives (not my own wife, smart arse) over the weekend and she was saying how our stuff has got more relatable over the years. Mentioned a song with the line "my days are numbered" from years ago as an example ...
  9. egg_

    Why men behave like pigs

    In which @egg_ theorises about why so many men behave abominably towards women (see @Jill Hives and @riath 's posts in the "Your work situation" thread) Basically in my experience of country pub situations, men's disrespect towards women has nothing to do with individual women at all. The men's...
  10. egg_

    The Sound House

    I haven't been in it, but curious about booking gigs there. What's its layout? Is the bar along the side or on the opposite end of the room from the stage?
  11. egg_

    Spotify pre-save experiment

    I'm trying out this spotify pre-save thing in an attempt to fool spotify's algorithm into thinking I'm popular, in the hope that will result in me getting onto their "quiet piano" playlist (or similar) I've a piano tune coming out on Oct 15th. Would be much obliged if any Spotify users...
  12. egg_

    The front line of the culture wars

    I hope someday we can look back at this kind of shit and laugh about it
  13. egg_

    How to respond to this

    I got a whatsapp msg from a lad who used to be on my team at a previous job. He's really smart and a smiley friendly type who gets on well with (almost) everyone, and who was such a nightmare to manage that I ... well, I kinda lost my shit for a while. My marriage is still recovering And now, 3...
  14. egg_

    Quiet solo piano

    Been working on a bit of solo piano stuff myself, so I've been checking out what else is out there, and it turns out it's a whole genre of sort of quiet melancholy piano playing on Spotify. Some of it's lovely too:
  15. egg_

    Iveagh gardens gigs - food?

    Going to Idles in Iveagh Gardens tonight, and won't have a chance to eat beforehand. Do they have food sellers there?
  16. egg_

    Hot 8 Brass Band - tickets wanted

    None of yiz would have Hot 8 tickets you don't want for Wed next week, would ye?
  17. egg_

    Music videos that depend entirely on a pretty face

    Here's one. Nothing happening except Freya Ridings's loveliness. Too hypnotised to even know if I like the song Tempted to rip this off for the next Stoat video - could come out as unsettling or funny, either of which would be OK with me
  18. egg_

    Adventures on the cutting edge of wokeness

    I work for a very well-known San Francisco based non-profit (please don't say who it is, don't want this post to be too easily findable), which means I'm at the very epicentre of wokeness. I'm 100% remote, but there are a few in-person events every year. If it's mostly Europeans (or just...
  19. egg_

    Quotes from yourself

    A thread for posting stupid stuff you have said all by yourself, because you're a clown Me, just now (to Mrs. egg_): Was thinking I might pop down to Boyle's (local pub) tomorrow night, cos it's the first Wednedsay night in ages I haven't felt exhausted
  20. egg_

    The price of trains

    I wanted to go to Despacio in London in August. Boat+train costs EUR120-odd, and I'd need to stay 2 nights. Flight costs EUR40 and I'd only need to stay one (so half the accommodation cost) (sighs) I guess I won't be going so. How the fuck are flights so cheap compared to ground transport?